“He’s reading in our language!” (The Prices Write, October 2019)

“This is unbelievable! He’s reading in our language!” This was the response when Zoran heard a Bible story for the very first time in his Roma language. For almost a year, we have been making steady progress translating a book containing 50 Bible stories into Ludari, the Roma language spoken in our village. This isContinue reading ““He’s reading in our language!” (The Prices Write, October 2019)”

Summer, School, Secretary, Sower

PRAYER REQUESTS: Praise God for a good start to the school year. Pray for Pam for much wisdom and strength as she teaches Daniel and Ariela and as they study Croatian. Pray for Kirsten to adjust well to BFA in Germany and grow academically, socially and spiritually Pray for Zoki and Todd, for continued progressContinue reading “Summer, School, Secretary, Sower”

A picture’s worth a 1,000 words (The Prices Write, September 2019, part 1)

In August we worked with our colleagues and two summer teams who came to Croatia from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Florida and London, England. Probably over 250 Roma kids attended the various events in four different locations in Croatia. These included Vacation Bible School-type outreach, day Bible camp, and an overnight Bible camp. Through these outreachesContinue reading “A picture’s worth a 1,000 words (The Prices Write, September 2019, part 1)”

Summer Outreach, days 8, 9, 10 & 11: Slavonski Brod

Thank you for praying for the last four days of the summer outreach. These days were in the village in our town, Slavonski Brod. The team held Bible clubs with 120 kids in the village over a four day period, including skits and teaching on the Unforgiving Servant, and the Good Samaritan, coloring pages, crafts,Continue reading “Summer Outreach, days 8, 9, 10 & 11: Slavonski Brod”

Summer Outreach, day 5: Orahovica

Thank you for your prayers. Yesterday was the 1st day of a 3-day camp for 35 Roma teens and tweens from two villages, Darda and Slavonski Brod, who gathered in Orahovica, Croatia. They enjoyed swimming, games, meals together, Bible teaching, worship, small group discussion and other activities. Pamala was busy buying groceries for the meals,Continue reading “Summer Outreach, day 5: Orahovica”

“Živ sam (I’m alive)!” The Prices Write, May 2019, part 1)

“Živ sam (I’m alive)!” said Daniel who was Jesus in the Easter skit at our church here in Slavonski Brod. In the top picture they are singing an Easter song: Pamala is leading the actions, Ariela is one of the women who went to the tomb and Daniel is Jesus. If you look closely atContinue reading ““Živ sam (I’m alive)!” The Prices Write, May 2019, part 1)”

Pray for the Bible translation team’s progress

Each financial quarter, our dear friends at The Seed Company send out a brief report on the progress of our Roma Bible translations, so prayer partners can see the progress and pray for the needs. In this blog post I am sharing portions of that so you can know and pray as well. This isContinue reading “Pray for the Bible translation team’s progress”

How will Zora understand this? (The Prices Write, March 2019, part 1)

Last month, six Roma translators, a consultant, a consultant-in-training, a Croatian translator and I met at the Baptist Church here in Slavonski Brod to edit our translations of Luke 8-10 in 3 Roma languages. We met for six days. After devotions and prayer each morning, we spent the rest of the day going verse-by-verse overContinue reading “How will Zora understand this? (The Prices Write, March 2019, part 1)”

It takes a village (The Prices Write, February 2019, part 1)

It takes a village, so the saying goes. Or at least, it takes a family. Let me explain. Last Wednesday I drove over to Zoki’s house for our weekly session of translating Bible stories into his language (Ludari). As I drove up and parked, his wife came out and mentioned that Zoki wasn’t home yet,Continue reading “It takes a village (The Prices Write, February 2019, part 1)”

The 12 Days of Christmas

Ariela’s Christmas recital in mid-December. It was a bit hard to find her on the stage among all the blonde-haired little girls in red and white but she is the one in the middle, sitting down, facing the camera with her right hand reaching to her Santa cap (see yellow arrow). Matthew carried over fromContinue reading “The 12 Days of Christmas”