Luke 1-2 & 50 Bible stories printed & distributed in Gurbet & Arli

Before I had to quickly leave Croatia to come to the States after Matthew’s accident, we had been waiting for the printers in Serbia to print a booklet of Luke chapters 1-2 and a book of 50 illustrated Bible stories in three of the Roma languages (Gurbet, Arli and Chergash). These have been printed, andContinue reading “Luke 1-2 & 50 Bible stories printed & distributed in Gurbet & Arli”

Recording the Bible for the first time

Please pray this week for a successful, first-time-ever recording of the newly translated Scriptures in the Roma dialect of Gurbet! This week an audio engineer, Brad, came from Michigan to train one of our Roma Bible translators, Goran, to make audio recordings so that all five Roma dialects we’re translating can also be recorded! GoranContinue reading “Recording the Bible for the first time”

Christmas in March? (The Prices Write, April 2019, part 2)

Recently we have been translating Luke chapters 1-2 in four Roma dialects, which tell about the birth of John the Baptist and of Jesus. These are very difficult chapters to translate because of the extensive use of poetry. We had waited until the translators had some experience under their belts translating Luke 4-10 which isContinue reading “Christmas in March? (The Prices Write, April 2019, part 2)”

How will Zora understand this? (The Prices Write, March 2019, part 1)

Last month, six Roma translators, a consultant, a consultant-in-training, a Croatian translator and I met at the Baptist Church here in Slavonski Brod to edit our translations of Luke 8-10 in 3 Roma languages. We met for six days. After devotions and prayer each morning, we spent the rest of the day going verse-by-verse overContinue reading “How will Zora understand this? (The Prices Write, March 2019, part 1)”

Answered prayers & current prayer requests

Our friends at The Seed Company recently asked us, “What prayers were answered from last quarter (2018)?” I wanted to share with you what we told them: Several of our Roma Bible translators are getting more confident and better in their translating. Several of them have learned to use ParaTExt which is a huge helpContinue reading “Answered prayers & current prayer requests”

An idea for #GivingTuesday

We are praying for $330 per month in financial pledges for our missionary support. Donations can be made here. We are praying for $50,000 in one-time gifts to fund the first three phases of Bible translation in four Roma (Gypsy) dialects spoken in Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. Donations can be made here. #RomaBible, #toddlprice