Family update & Bible translation progress

FAMILY UPDATE: Daniel (12) and Ariela (9) are homeschooling as well as enjoying a weekly home school co-op. We’re thankful for this great opportunity to learn and to make friends. They are both excited as they received the parts they wanted in theater class to perform Peter Pan Jr. at the end of this schoolContinue reading “Family update & Bible translation progress”

Our daily prayer calendar for January 2021

Here you can download this list formatted as a calendar for printing: January 1 Pray that in 2021 we can complete translation, printing & audio recording of Luke & 50 Bible stories in 5 Roma languages January 2 Praise God for generous donors providing our financial support in 2020! January 3 Pray we can successfullyContinue reading “Our daily prayer calendar for January 2021”

Today is #GivingTuesday

Thank you to all of you who so generously give to make possible the ministry of translating the Bible for Roma. We greatly appreciate your kindness and are constantly amazed and humbled at your generosity. Thank you so much! It is always a joy to make progress in translation and today we completed the consultantContinue reading “Today is #GivingTuesday”

Field testing the Gospel of Luke in Croatia & Serbia (The Prices Write, November 2020, part 1)

In these pictures, our Roma Bible translators are doing what we call “field testing” or “community checking”. This is when they meet with other speakers of their Roma languages and ask for feedback from them on the translation so we can make sure that what we have translated clearly communicates to them. Sometimes this isContinue reading “Field testing the Gospel of Luke in Croatia & Serbia (The Prices Write, November 2020, part 1)”

Our daily prayer calendar for September 2020 (The Prices Write, part 2)

To get this prayer list formatted as a calendar, go here to download: September 1 Pray for good communication that we can accurately edit Luke 16-24 with the Arli language translators September 2 Pray for a great job for Timothy & good progress on his college classes September 3 Pray for Sasha, Kada, Alen, ToddContinue reading “Our daily prayer calendar for September 2020 (The Prices Write, part 2)”

The (belated) Prices Write (August 2020, part 1)

Dear praying friends, I apologize for being so late with this prayer letter. Thank you all for praying for us faithfully. Matthew’s surgery in San Francisco on July 10 went well. We won’t know the long-term results for at least a few months and more likely for 1-2 years since nerves re-grow at a veryContinue reading “The (belated) Prices Write (August 2020, part 1)”

Matthew’s surgery went very well!

Thank you for praying and thank the Lord for answering these prayers! Matthew’s surgery went very well. The surgeon was able to make the nerve transfers she wanted to, from his spinal accessory nerves and his intercostal (rib) nerves to his trapezius and deltoid. He now has four incisions, including a longer one from hisContinue reading “Matthew’s surgery went very well!”

Matthew currently in surgery

Please be in prayer for Matthew who is in surgery right now. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am this morning for him to check in. I’m not allowed in the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions until he is out of surgery and in his hospital room. Until then I am waiting across theContinue reading “Matthew currently in surgery”