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Today’s prayer request

October 28 Pray for wisdom, accuracy & fast progress for Todd checking Luke chapters 1-3, and 7-16 in Ludari

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Our daily prayer calendar for November 2020 (The Prices Write)

Give ear, O LORD, to my prayer;listen to my plea for grace.(Ps. 86:6 ESV Our Daily Prayer Calendar for November 2020 (The Prices Write, part 2) To download this prayer list in the format of a calendar for printing out, go here: November 1 Pray for rest, refreshment & spiritual edification for all of usContinue reading “Our daily prayer calendar for November 2020 (The Prices Write)”

Field testing the Gospel of Luke in Croatia & Serbia (The Prices Write, November 2020, part 1)

In these pictures, our Roma Bible translators are doing what we call “field testing” or “community checking”. This is when they meet with other speakers of their Roma languages and ask for feedback from them on the translation so we can make sure that what we have translated clearly communicates to them. Sometimes this isContinue reading “Field testing the Gospel of Luke in Croatia & Serbia (The Prices Write, November 2020, part 1)”

Pray for translators with COVID

Unfortunately, two of our translators and their family have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in quarantine at home. Please pray for quick healing for them, and for the other people they were around recently when testing the translation of Luke to not contract COVID. Thank you for praying!

Roma (Gypsies) in Europe

There are 12-16 million Roma (Gypsies) in Europe and western Eurasia, scattered throughout 26 countries (including 40 regions or semi-autonomous regions), speaking 85+ dialects, and yet only a dozen have the Bible in their Romani dialect.

We support Bible translation for Roma (Gypsy) dialects in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

Our Family

Dr. Todd & Pamala Price have served with Pioneers since 1994, in Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary. They have seven children (the oldest four are not in this photo), Timothy, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela, and live in Kansas City, Missouri. Pamala enjoys hosting guests in their home, teaching children, encouraging women and home schooling the children. Todd is the Roma Bible Translation Team coordinator. Their passion is to see a Bible translation in the heart language of all Roma (Gypsies) in former Yugoslavia, and to see countless Roma lives transformed through God’s Word. Todd’s BA and MA are in biblical languages and his PhD is in NT Greek and Corpus Linguistics.

Todd’s Book

Structural Lexicology and the Greek New Testament By Todd Price
This study demonstrates a method for using corpus linguistics to disambiguate polysemes in the Greek New Testament. Included are several examples applying the method to exegetically problematic texts.

Available as paperback, hardback, or PDF.