Our family

Todd, Pam, Kirsten, Daniel, and Ariela
Todd, Pamala, Kirsten, Daniel, and Ariela (Sept. 2020)
Price family (December 2021)
L-R: Kirsten, Matthew, Elizabeth, Ariela, Jonathan, Pamala, Todd, Timothy, Daniel

Dr. Todd & Pamala Price have served with Pioneers since 1994, in Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary. They have seven children, Timothy (b. 1990), Jonathan (b. 1992), Elizabeth (b. 1995), Matthew (b. 1998), Kirsten (b. 2004), Daniel (b. 2008) and Ariela (b. 2011), and live in Kansas City, Missouri. Pamala enjoys hosting guests in their home, teaching children, encouraging women and home schooling the children. Todd is the Roma Bible Translation Team coordinator. Their passion is to see a Bible translation in the heart language of all Roma (Gypsies) in former Yugoslavia, and to see countless Roma lives transformed through God’s Word. Todd’s BA and MA are in biblical languages and his PhD is in NT Greek and Corpus Linguistics.

Please pray for:

  • Todd as he serves as a Bible translation consultant, helping Roma translate the New Testament into five Roma languages spoken in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.
  • Pray for the Roma translation teams to clearly, accurately, and in a timely manner complete the translations of the Bible.
  • Pray that through these Bible translations, many Roma in former Yugoslavia and beyond would be brought to Christ and that Roma believers will grow in their faith.
  • Pamala as she home schools the children.
  • Our children, both those at home with us and our four grown children, to walk with the Lord and glorify Him daily.
  • Us and our seven children to love the Lord will all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves