Our daily prayer calendar (March 2021)

Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice!
(Ps. 141:2 ESV)

Download this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing:

March 1 Today is Elizabeth’s 26th birthday! Pray for God’s power in & through her life as she serves the homeless

March 2 Today is Pamala’s birthday! Praise God for the joy of being together as a family this year!

March 3 Pray for our team & our consultant as we check Luke 20-24 this week in the Ludari language

March 4 Pray for safety for Todd traveling frequently between Kansas City & Oklahoma City to be with his mom

March 5 Pray that in 2021 we can complete translation, printing & audio recording of Luke & 50 Bible stories in 5 Roma languages

March 6 Pray for provision of full-time care for Todd’s mom at a nursing home facility

March 7 Pray the team can finish the audio recording of Luke in the Gurbet language

March 8 Pray for Todd in translation consultant training early mornings this week observing a workshop checking Jeremiah in a related Roma language

March 9 Pray for healing or kidney transplant for Bayash translator, Nedeljko, & God’s provision for his family

March 10 Pray for God’s enablement as the team does keyword, spelling, formatting & glossary checks to finish Luke in the Arli language

March 11 Pray for Matthew to grow in faith & understanding of Jesus & emotional healing from the accident & arm loss

March 12 Pray for successful audio recording of Luke & rest of Bible stories in the Chergash language

March 13 Pray for God’s enablement as the team does keyword, spelling, formatting & glossary checks to finish Luke in the Gurbet language

March 14 Praise God for His financial provision for us each month!

March 15 Today is Pam’s dad’s 88th birthday. Praise God for weekly in-person visits Pam’s mom get with him

March 16 Pray for God’s enablement as the team does keyword, spelling, formatting & glossary checks to finish Luke in the Chergash language

March 17 Pray our insurance will approve an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew & that he can be fitted with it soon

March 18 Pray for accuracy in clearly translating Luke in the Ludari language & for fast progress to be able to finish it soon

March 19 Today is Jonathan’s 29th birthday! Pray for God’s blessing of faith & discipleship for him.

March 20 Today is Daniel’s 13th birthday! Praise God for the friends & youth group he has.

March 21 Pray as we speak briefly about Roma Bible translation at Solid Rock Bible Church, Kansas City, MO, this morning

March 22 Pray for good audio recording progress for Luke & 50 Bible stories in Bayash language, to finish it very soon

March 23 Pray for much wisdom & for the many details for the next phase of the Bible translation after Luke in the 5 Roma languages

March 24 Pray for wisdom, accuracy & fast progress for Todd checking Luke chapters 1-3, and 11-17 in the Ludari language

March 25 Pray for Sergej helping with Ludari Bible translation & for progress in testing, editing & correcting Luke

March 26 Pray for God’s enablement as the team does keyword, spelling, formatting & glossary checks to finish Luke in the Bayash language

March 27 Pray for accuracy & good feedback testing Luke in Ludari in the local community & for accuracy in keyword, spelling & glossary checks

March 28 Pray for a worshipful Easter week & for many to become believers all over the world & among the Roma

March 29 Pray for Joy Hill, to have the financial & emotional support she needs to carry on remote ministry for translation

March 30 Praise God for Pam’s sister planning to watch our kids during Pam’s upcoming hospital stay

March 31 Pray for successful & safe hysterectomy for Pamala tomorrow & for quick recovery

Pam’s surgery postponed until April 1

Well, Pamala’s surgery has been postponed until April 1. Please pray that she can have the surgery on that date without another delay.

Please continue to pray for my mom, Geri Price. I spoke with my sister today, and Mom is doing well, but because of the big snowstorm in OKC they have no water (presumably the pipes are frozen). Please pray that can get restored.

And pray for wisdom as hospice workers will be coming to the house to evaluate Mom and talk to my sister about care options this week. Please pray for a long-term solution for Mom’s 24/7 care now that my dad is no longer there to help her.

Matthew had a follow-up Zoom call with the doctor who did his nerve transfer surgery seven months ago in San Francisco. She reminded us that it is no surprise that there is no movement or nerve improvement yet since it might take up to two years after the surgery for the nerves to regrow. Pray for Matthew since it is discouraging and hard to stay positive when progress is so slow.

Thanks for praying for us,


Ariela enjoying Valentine’s decorations and her pretty dress!
Some of the treasures I found among my dad’s books: a little Buechner, a little Bonhoeffer, a little Bryson, and a little Barclay (among others).

Pam’s surgery; Kirsten’s birthday; Dad’s memorial; Mom’s care

  1. Please pray for Pamala’s hysterectomy tomorrow (Thursday 2/18) morning, that the Lord would be merciful in that the surgery would be successful, there would be neither blood clots nor anemia, that Pam would stay safe and have no infections, and that she would quickly heal.
  2. Valentine’s Day was Kirsten’s 17th birthday! We celebrate her, and thank God for the gift she is. Pray for her as she is taking a full load of college classes at Calvary University (dual enrolled as a high school student) and works at Target. Pray she will love the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength every day of her life.
Sweet 17

3. Thank you for your prayers for us and kind words in light of my dad’s death on 2/11. We were able to have a family-only memorial at his and Mom’s house so Mom could attend. It was a rich time of Scripture reading, prayer, singing and sharing memories and funny stories about my dad. He would have really liked it! We needed to hold the memorial the day after he passed away, so that Pam and I and the kids could leave Oklahoma City and get back to KC for her surgery before the huge winter storm hit OKC. We’re very thankful for traveling safety. You can read his obituary, written by my sister, Tracey, here, or the one written by the funeral home and me, here. (We will hold a memorial at Spring Creek Baptist Church at a date TBD, when weather and COVID protocols allow, and we will be sure to livestream it.)

4. My mom has Parkinson’s disease and is homebound. Dad was her main caretaker, serving her 24/7, and now that he is gone, my sister, Tracey, is caring for her and I will be going to OKC as soon as Pam has had time to recover from her surgery. Please pray for my mom to be able to grieve and process Dad’s death. And please pray that we can find 24/7 care for her, whether that is in-home or in a facility. Due to finances, it will need to be fully covered by Medicaid and Medicare. Until then, please also pray for volunteers to be with Mom when Tracey or I need a break.

Ariela and Todd’s mom
Todd, Mom, Tracey
Ariela, Pamala, Geri (with the Valentine Ariela made her), Todd, Daniel

Remembering my dad

(Written by his loving daughter, Tracey Burton Price, in memoriam.)

Our beloved B. Max Price, PhD, died in the early morning hours of Thursday, February 11, 2021, due to complications of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. He was 83. Max is survived by his loving partner of 60 years, his wife Geri, his daughter Tracey Price Burton, his son Dr. Todd Logan Price, his bonus daughter Pamala Price, and his grandchildren Timothy, Jonathan, Elizabeth (Stephen), Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela. He also leaves behind his beloved sister Pat Wright, whose friendship he treasured; his nephews and niece, Brooks Wright (Vera), Jaye May (Rob), Blaine Wright (Cheryl), and their families who he dearly loved, Jennifer and Logan May; Jessica, Jacob and Grayson Jean; and Jacquelyn and Loren Wright. Max was a unique soul who never lost his childlike sense of wonder, and who loved with his whole heart. He instilled in us the importance of taking responsibility for our actions and for looking out for those less fortunate. He was a fierce opponent of racial and social injustices and taught us to be respectful of others and to be generous of spirit.

Although Max and Geri travelled the world, his most favorite spot may have been Lake Tahoe, CA, where he spent as much time as possible exploring the beauty of this earth. During his lifetime, Max was a collegiate long-distance runner, an ordained minister, a clinical psychologist, a Sunday School teacher, a published author of five books and numerous peer-reviewed articles, a track coach, a mentor and friend. He taught Latin, was the pitcher on his HS baseball team, was an avid gardener and animal lover, and a thoughtful gift-giver. He was serious about his St. Louis Cardinals and Oklahoma football, and had planned to extend his season tickets this year.

Max was a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the University of Oklahoma.

The family would like to thank Max and Geri’s Spring Creek Baptist Church members and friends who have so lovingly cared for us over the past year. Without you, we would have been lost. We would also like to thank the healthcare professionals who have given extraordinary care to Max, including his oncologist Dr. Thomas Showalter II and Juli Johnson of Integris Cancer Institute; his doctor and friend Lawrence Deck III; Integris Home Health and Integris Hospice House nurses, aids, physical therapists and social workers who provided loving care to Max and his family during the last weeks of his life, and his sweet friend Richel.

Max was born in Cordell, Oklahoma on September 8, 1937 and was preceded in death by his parents, the Reverend William Elmer and Lois Price, who provided him a wonderful childhood, and who were so proud of his every accomplishment. Max is also survived by his four-legged buddy, his Beagle, Sparky, with whom he embarked on adventures too numerous to count.

As a life-long, long-distance runner, 2 Timothy 4:7 is a very appropriate verse for him: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (ESV)

A memorial service will be held at Spring Creek Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK, at a date yet to be determined.

Dr. B. Max Price (September 8, 1937 – February 11, 2021)

Dr. B. Max Price (September 8, 1937 – February 11, 2021)

Dr. B. Max Price was born September 8, 1937, in Cordell, Oklahoma, the son of William Elmer and Lois Bethel (Gambrell) Price. He completed this life on Thursday, February 11, 2021, in Oklahoma City at the age of 83.

Max Price earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1959. He received his Master’s Degree in Theology and Guidance and Counseling in 1968 and 1972, respectively, then received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oklahoma and his clinical psychology license in 1975 and 1977.

As a clinical psychologist, he has helped many people, including children of divorce and stepfamilies. He worked for Oklahoma Health Care Authority, providing psychologist services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. Like Understanding Today’s Children (1983) and A Guide to Child Therapy (2001), most of his writings were inspired by his career as a psychologist and his upbringing as a member of a large stepfamily.

Dr. Price had been in private practice since 1977 with Behavioral Medicine Associates and Integris Baptist Medical Center Outpatient Counseling. Since 1998, he has practiced with the Center for Counseling and Care of Oklahoma, Inc. He served on the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Psychological Association and was a member of the American Psychological Association and the National Register of Psychologists. 

He married Geraldine “Geri” Welch on June 2, 1960. He is survived by his wife, Geri, of 60 years of Oklahoma City; his daughter, Tracey Price Burton of Oklahoma City; his son, Todd Price and his wife Pamala of Kansas City, MO; his sister, Pat Wright of Oklahoma City; his grandchildren, Timothy Price, Jonathan Price, Elizabeth Sell and her husband Stephen, Matthew Price, Kirsten Price, Daniel Price, and Ariela Price.

Though he was very accomplished in his professional life, we will remember him most for his kindness, positive attitude, gratefulness, and cheerfulness. He was everyone’s cheerleader, rarely spoke ill of others, and was very quick to express praise, often excited and proud of others’ accomplishments as if they were his own.

Max loved many things: his wife of 60 years (Geri), his family, his church (Spring Creek Baptist Church), his dog (Sparky), his alma mater (Oklahoma Sooners), long-distance running, roses, tulips, and all flowers, working in his garden, reading, writing (authoring many articles and five books), singing hymns, laughing at a good joke and playing with his grandkids and grandnieces and grandnephews.

As a life-long, long-distance runner, 2 Timothy 4:7 is a very appropriate verse for him: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (ESV)

A memorial service will be held at Spring Creek Baptist Church at a date yet to be determined.

He fought the fight; he finished the race

At 5:45 this morning, while my sister, Tracey, was with Dad in his hospice room, she had prayed, “Dear Heavenly Father, please welcome Dad into your loving arms.” She went to his bedside and saw that he had just passed away, as God gently answered our prayers for a peaceful homegoing for Dad. He was a life-long, long-distance runner, so there can be no more appropriate verse than 2 Timothy 4:7: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (ESV) Thank you for your prayers for us. Please pray for my mom, Geri, with advanced Parkinson’s, that she will be able to understand and grieve properly at this very difficult time.

Update on Todd’s dad

Thank you for your prayers. My dad, Max Price, is slipping very fast. He is in the hospice house hospital near his home in Oklahoma City and has been sleeping for over 30 hours. His vitals are low and it looks like his body is shutting down. We imagine that he only has hours left. My mom, Geri Price, is at home and Pam is with her. She has Parkinson’s and has been sleeping 20-22 hours per day lately. Though we have told her what is happening, it doesn’t appear that she understands. My sister, Tracey, spent the night with Dad in his hospital room and I’m here now also with them. Dad’s sister and nephews and family have been here visiting as well. All our kids were able to do a video chat together with Dad; even though he was asleep and unresponsive, we trust he heard the love in their voices. Please continue to uphold us in prayer, especially my mom and sister. And please pray for us; Pam’s hysterectomy is 2/18 in Kansas City.

Todd’s dad in hospice facility

We are down in Oklahoma City for about a week. Many of you know that my dad, Max Price, has been battling Alzheimer’s and colon cancer. He has been on hospice home care for a while now, and today we had to admit him as an inpatient at the hospice house facility for a 3-5 day stay. As of yesterday, he no longer has the use of his legs due to the tumor pressing on his spine, so this means that he will be bedridden. He was the primary caretaker for my mom, who has Parkinson’s, so this is a significant blow to all of us. They will both now need to have around-the-clock care, so my sister, Tracey, and we are scrambling to come up with a plan and are in need of home help. At the same time, we are taking it one day at a time and are also so thankful that Pamala and I were here visiting when Dad got stuck on the floor and was no longer able to stand. We are grateful for the kind firefighters who moved him into bed and for the wonderful hospice nurses. Please pray for the Lord’s mercy for Dad, Mom, my sister Tracey, Pamala, and me. It is so encouraging to know that you all are lifting us up in prayer.

So, what have we learned so far?

Zoom meeting checking the last chapters of Luke in the Gurbet language

We are praising God for bringing us to another milestone. As of this week, we have completed the consultant check for the entire Gospel of Luke in the Arli, Bayash, Chergash and Gurbet languages! We still have work to do as we check over the translation of key terms in the book, write the glossary and do a number of spelling and formatting checks. Still, this marks a major milepost in this journey.

Now that we have completed 3 years of translating the Gospel of Luke and a book of 50 Bible stories, our translation consultants took a moment to ask our Roma translators what they had learned in this process.

  • One of the Roma translators said that three years of detailed checking in the Gospel of Luke in his own language was more valuable than the four years spent in Bible college.
  • He has gained so many insights looking closely at the text of Luke and wrestling with its meaning, that other pastors have asked him to give them a back-translation into Serbian because they have heard of the good things in the Arli translation.
  • He said it was a surprise to be called into Bible translation, but even more so to learn so much in the course of translating and checking. He counts it a great privilege to be involved in this work!
  • One of the translators is a pastor and he said it has helped him preach better sermons because he has learned to observe the text closely and ask questions about what it means.
  • One of the translators said she has learned to focus on the text of Scripture and its meaning, rather than just reading through it without giving it deep thought.
  • Since we have been translating Luke, two of the translators have started Bible studies in their churches in Luke, using the understanding they have derived in the translation process.
  • One of the translators mentioned that there have been no church gatherings for months now because of COVID and how difficult that has been, but that working on this translation has given extra motivation to stay in God’s Word.
  • Taking three years to work on Luke has led one translator to dig deep in the text and because of that, she is gaining deeper insights into God’s Word and then sharing those insights with others!

We are grateful not just for what will become a finished translation at the end, but for what God is doing in our hearts and in the hearts of the Roma translators on this journey of Bible translation. Glory be to God alone!

Special time visiting Todd’s parents and sister in Oklahoma City
“Boyash” is another term for “Bayash”. Todd wrote a chapter for this book about the influence of the Croatian language on the Bayash language and how that affects Bible translation.