Our daily prayer calendar for May 2022 (The Prices Write)

Click below to download this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing:

May 1 Pray for repairs on our car Kirsten uses & that it will serve her well until she can get a car of her own

May 2 Pray we can finish Daniel’s bedroom & the sunroom before we move in & for God to bless Patrick & Dan for all their work doing it

May 3 Pray for Ludari speakers in Slavonski Brod & Sisak, Croatia, to receive printed Luke & 50 Bible stories with eagerness and read them

May 4 Praise God that Pam’s mom’s heart shock treatment was successful. Pray for good heart health at age 91.

May 5 Pray for healing for Pam’s sister, Val, who injured her foot and unfortunately won’t be able to come to KC to visit for this special weekend

May 6 Pray for Ariela performing & Daniel on sound booth tonight & tomorrow at “Honk Jr.” play at Might Roots Academy

May 7 Praise God for Kirsten graduating from high school & with an Associate of Arts degree from Calvary University

May 8 Praise God for loving moms who love God & us & pray for us. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9 Pray that many Roma will listen to audio recordings of Luke in the 5 Roma languages we published

May 10 Pray for wisdom for Todd grading the translators’ assignments from their Bible translation classes

May 11 Pray for an apartment for Kirsten to move into this month, & for full-time work & to walk with God

May 12 Pray for strength & wisdom for Pam packing & organizing our move, & for needed helpers

May 13 Pray we will stay healthy & for God’s enablement moving house from Independence to Belton, MO

May 14 Pray for good weather & safe & successful move to Belton today. Praise for friends to help!

May 15 Praise God for Ariela’s desire to obey Jesus in baptism today & for her spiritual growth

May 16 Pray God will provide a 2nd car for us that Todd can use on trips to Oklahoma City to visit his mom

May 17 Pray for Timothy’s job to be full-time with insurance benefits. Pray for good friends & interaction at church.

May 18 Praise for Jonathan’s new job working for Khan Academy. Pray he will walk with God.

May 19 Pray for good home church for Elizabeth & Stephen, good friends there & good involvement regularly

May 20 Pray for Matthew’s outstanding hospital bills from Jan./Feb. 2020 to be resolved in his favor

May 21 Pray for safe trip for Todd to Oklahoma City & to be a blessing to his mom

May 22 Pray for $200 more in monthly pledges which we lack for our missionary support.

May 23 Pray God will work mightily among Roma in Slavonski Brod, esp. in one girl with apparent demon possession

May 24 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he consults on the translation drafts of Matthew in Arli, Chergash & Gurbet

May 25 Pray for wisdom for Todd preparing to help check a Bible translation of Exodus virtually in Tanzania, Africa

May 26 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit their translations of Gospel of Matthew

May 27 Today is our 33rd anniversary! Praise God for the huge blessing our marriage is to each other!

May 28 Pray for the salvation of family members, loved ones & Roma we know who still need Jesus

May 29 Pray for God’s timing to provide translators to finish New Testament in the Bayash and Ludari languages

May 30 Pray for strength to finalize cleaning the house we rented & to organize our new house in Belton

May 31 Pray for godly friend for Daniel who likes computer coding. Praise God for his reading lessons.

Kirsten graduating; Prices moving to Belton, MO; training Roma in Bible translation

Kirsten (18) graduates from home school high school and with her Associate of Arts degree (Ministry Studies) from Calvary University, Kansas City, MO, May 7, 2022. Congratulations, Kirsten and praise to God! After May she plans to be living on her own in KC and working.

Shout out to our friend, Patrick Berthof (https://breakstuff.net/), and my brother-in-law, Dan Sharp (https://www.integrityroofingllc.com/), who are putting in insulation, drywall and electrical wiring in Daniel’s (14) bedroom, and in the sunroom of the house we bought in Belton, MO. We’re so grateful for their kindness & hard work!

Ariela is third from the left

Ariela (10) is getting baptized this month! Todd will do the honors at our home church, CrossWay Bible Church. This week she has her final performance with her American Dance group.

Pamala, Ariela (10), Barbie Hughes (Pam’s mom)

Pam’s mom, Barbie Hughes (91), lives just minutes away from our home in Belton. Driving her for errands and doctors’ appointments is a privilege (pictured above: Pam, Ariela, Barbie). Todd visits his mom, Geri Price, in the nursing home in Oklahoma City about once a month. She is content there, though not mobile.

The Roma Bible translation teams for the Arli, Gurbet and Chergash languages met recently in Vukovar, Croatia, for a week of intense training, taking classes on the principles and process of Bible translation. Todd will be grading their work at the end of this month. They are also currently working on editing the draft translations of the Gospel of Matthew in these languages Todd will be meeting with them over Skype to check these with them chapter by chapter as they are ready.

I recently read to Ariela a biography of Mary Slessor, who was a missionary to Africa for 40 years in the mid-1800s. At the end of the book, the author concludes: “The key to Mary Slessor’s life was prayer. She called it ‘the greatest power God has put into our hands.’ She herself believed that she had been used more than most because she had so many friends who prayed for her.” We are blessed to have you as our friends and we covet your prayers, that God will do great things and glorify His name through His translated Word among the Roma. Thank you for praying; please continue to do so!

Todd & Pamala Price
(Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela)

P.S. Please pray for a smooth move this month, especially May 14, when we move the furniture to the new house.

Praise God for finishing phase 1 of the Bible translation project

The story of Creation and the Fall (from Genesis 1-3) in the Ludari language, now in print!

Today I filled out the final quarterly report for progress on the Gospel of Luke and 50 Bible stories in the Ludari Roma language. This completes phase 1 of the Bible translation project!

In the report, I answered the following question, and gave the following prayer requests, which I wanted to share with all of you, our faithful prayer partners and supporters:

Q: What was the biggest translation challenge that the translation team faced this last quarter and how did they respond?

A: We chose a female to do the audio recording of the 50 Bible stories. She was a good reader, except when it came to reading numbers for verse references, which we list to show where the stories are taken from in the Bible. She was struggling with that but then she and Sergej figured out that if they wrote everything out in letters it would be much easier to read than the Arabic numerals. Once they made that change, she showed real improvement in reading speed for the audio recordings.

For Luke, we wanted a male voice. We hired someone that we thought would do a good job. But Luke is a long book to read and we found that he was having a very hard time reading and had to repeat things numerous times and make numerous recording attempts. He eventually told us that he hadn’t been speaking Ludari at home for years (he had been using Croatian) so he was having a hard time reading in Ludari. Sergej did the math and saw that with the time remaining there was no way this reader could finish the project by our deadline. He approached another potential reader who agreed. We were so encouraged to see that he read much faster than the previous narrator, so we were able to bring him on and finish the audio recording of Luke by the deadline.

Screen shot of the audio recordings of the Gospel of Luke in Ludari on YouTube

Please pray for the following:

  1. The Pioneers team in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, has plans to go door-to-door in the two largest Ludari villages to offer the printed copies of Luke/50 Bible stories/glossary that we printed. Please pray that many Ludari would be interested and that the Lord would use His Word powerfully both to bring Ludari to Christ, and also to strengthen the few Ludari believers.
  2. Pray for the two churches who have Ludari speakers. One is very supportive of the project and we ask prayer that the believers in that church will greatly benefit from having Luke and the Bible stories in the language. One of the churches has people who have been extremely critical of the translation. Please pray that the Lord would soften hearts, that He would use the translation among people in the church, and that we could forge a good working relationship as we desire to see the rest of the NT translated into Ludari.
  3. We have printed business cards that give the website address and YouTube channel name which the Pioneers team will hand out so people will know where to go online and listen to Luke and the 50 Bible stories in Ludari. Since we think people will find that more usable than reading (at least at this point), please pray that many would listen online to these audio recordings of God’s Word.
  4. Pray for the long-term goals, that God will raise up two or three Ludari translators who can commit full-time to the project and a Diploma in Bible Translation so that we can complete more of the NT as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your prayers and faithful support!

Showing the business cards that will be handed out so people can know where to find the audio files of Luke and 50 Bible stories

Luke & 50 Bible stories are now in print in Ludari!

We praise God for bringing us to this wonderful milestone! This week, our colleague in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, picked up the print order of 400 copies of the Gospel of Luke and 50 chronological Bible stories (with a glossary of keywords) in the Ludari language, spoken by 25,000 Roma living in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Below are pictures of the printed copies:

This is the front cover which says “50 Stories from the Bible and the Good Word of Luke”
The back cover with the same title and with QR codes & URLs to the versions online in text, text with pictures, and audio recordings
Introduction to Luke and 1:1-24
Now Luke and the 50 Bible stories are printed in all 5 languages: Arli, Chergash, Gurbet, Bayash and Ludari (spoken by over 250,000 Roma in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Rejoice with us in this milestone!

  1. Please pray for the Pioneers team in Croatia as they plan to distribute these door-to-door in the two largest Ludari villages in Croatia.
  2. Pray that many Roma would accept these copies, read them, and also go online and listen to the audio versions.
  3. Pray that many Ludari Roma would come to know Jesus.
  4. Pray that our Ludari brothers and sisters in Christ will grow in Him and for the Lord to grow His Church among them, and plant new fellowships for His glory!

Daily prayer calendar for April 2022 (The Prices Write)

(To get this list formatted as a calendar to print out, download below.)

April 1 Pray we can finish getting audio recordings of Luke & 50 Bible stories in Ludari on our website & YouTube

April 2 Pray for safety in travel & for Todd to be a blessing to his mom this weekend in Oklahoma City

April 3 Pray for Roma translators traveling to Vukovar, Croatia, for week of Bible translation training classes

April 4 Pray for the Roma translators’ classes on Bible translation principles & process, for good learning & comradery this week

April 5 Pray for success in Timothy’s job, to have full-time hours & enjoy being a blessing to others thru his work

April 6 Pray for an apartment for Kirsten to move into next month, & for full-time work at that time

April 7 Andy & Lim celebrate their wedding anniversary today! Pray for fruitful ministry among Roma in their village.

April 8 Praise God for answered pray for Jonathan’s new job at Khan Academy; pray for God to move mightily in his life

April 9 Pray we can finish Daniel’s room in the new-to-us house before moving in next month

April 10 Pray for spiritual refreshment each day for us & encouragement thru the Scriptures

April 11 Pray that many Roma will read & listen to Luke & 50 Bible stories in the 5 Roma languages we have completed

April 12 Pray for wisdom for Matthew in finding another apartment in Atlanta, & for long-term job there

April 13 Pray for Todd as he prepares & leads men’s Bible study Wednesday nights at our church

April 14 Pray for good home church for Elizabeth & Stephen, good friends there & good involvement regularly

April 15 Pray for Matthew’s outstanding hospital bills from Jan./Feb. 2020 to be resolved in his favor

April 16 Pray we can finish the sun porch in the new-to-us house before moving in next month

April 17 Praise God, He is risen indeed! Happy Easter!

April 18 Pray for Pam sorting, packing & planning our move to our house in Belton, MO

April 19 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he consults on the translation drafts of Matthew in 5 Roma languages

April 20 Pray for Pam as she prepares & leads women’s Bible study Wednesday nights at our church

April 21 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit the translation of the Gospel of Matthew

April 22 Pray for 2-3 full-time translators for the Bayash language so they can finish the New Testament

April 23 Pray for safety in travel & that Todd would be a blessing to his mom in Oklahoma City this weekend

April 24 Pray as Todd speaks at One Hope Community Church in Oklahoma City this morning

April 25 Praise God for all He has done to bring Phase 1 of the project to completion (Luke & 50 Bible stories in 5 languages)!

April 26 Pray for good, godly friends for Daniel & for progress in reading

April 27 Pray for 2-3 full-time translators for the Ludari language so they can finish the New Testament

April 28 Praise God for all of Sergej’s work of recording & printing Luke & 50 Bible stories in the Ludari language

April 29 Pray Matthew can get adjusted prosthetic arm & that it will serve his purposes well

April 30 Praise God for Ariela’s dance class which performs for senior citizen groups (& today for family and friends)

Dates, dances, and printing the Gospel of Luke & 50 Bible stories

Ariela (10) and I enjoyed a wonderful evening together with other daughters and FROGs (Fathers, Relatives or Other Guys) at her American Heritage Girls troop. The theme was dads as superheroes. I am blessed and honored to be her “hero”!

Pictures of dads and thoughtful words from their daughters; Ariela in her panda bear cape!

We continue painting our house in Belton, MO, in prep for our move in mid-May.

Todd working on the kitchen; BELOW: Ariela and cousin, Sara, helping to paint Ariela’s room

Ariela’s dance class has been performing for the elderly at local centers (see below).

Todd has been working with colleagues to proofread the Gospel of Luke and 50 chronological Bible stories in the Ludari language. We have sent the print-ready files to the printer in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, to print 400 copies of Luke bound with the text of the Bible stories (no pictures) and a glossary, as well as 50 copies of a full-color book of the Bible stories with pictures in Ludari. 

The Luke/Bible Stories/glossary book will be offered door-to-door to all the homes in the two largest Ludari villages in Croatia (Slavonski Brod and Sisak) where the Pioneers team has had an ongoing ministry for years. The color book with Bible Stories with pictures will be given to the translators and community checkers who worked on the project, as well as be made available to those who specifically request it or who can use them for group teaching or family reading.

The audio recordings of the 50 Bible stories in Ludari have now been put online on our Roma website and on YouTube. Also 8 chapters of Luke in Ludari have also been put online and on YouTube, with plans to post the remaining 16 chapters by the end of this week.

Proofreading the print-ready files for the Bible stories
Cover for Gospel of Luke and 50 chronological Bible stories (without pictures)
Print-ready page in Luke’s gospel
Cover for Bible story book with pictures
Print-ready page from the Bible story book (the parable of the Sower)

We are excited as we are super close to finishing phase 1 of the translation work in 5 languages. Glory to God!

Birthdays; prep for moving; responses to translated verses on social media (The Prices Write, April 2022)

In March we celebrated birthdays with Elizabeth (27), Pamala, Jonathan (30) and Daniel (14).

This month we are finishing the painting of the house in Belton and moving some things over, so in May we will move completely and no longer be renting each month in Independence, MO. Kirsten is looking forward to moving out on her own after May graduation.

Luke & 50 chronological Bible stories in the Bayash, Gurbet, Arli and Chergash languages

Not long ago I heard an encouraging update about how the Lord is using what we have translated:

“One of our translators, Goran, started posting Bible verses on social media in Gurbet and other Romani dialects, at our supervisor’s (Pierre’s) suggestion. After a while, he began to receive feedback from his followers on Facebook who encouraged him to continue with the posting of the verses on social media. Here are some examples: MW is a German woman who is married to a Roma husband and she is learning the Roma language. After she had read a few verses on Facebook, she let him know how much she likes to read God’s word in the Romani language. This encouraged Goran a lot and he posted Luke 13:34 on her wall. This post had 385 viewers and a lot of positive reviews. Around [last] Christmas time MW visited Serbia and Goran [was able to] give her copies of the 50 Bible Stories and Luke’s Gospel in the Gurbet and Arli dialects.

Another brother from Serbia, NN, visited Germany at the end of November. In Kaiserslautern he had fellowship with brothers of the Bulgarian Roma church. He gave a copy of the 50 Bible Stories to one brother (in the Gurbet dialect) who started to read it. Everyone could see that he did it with so much joy… So, at N’s urging he read from it while N recorded him on video which he later posted on Facebook. This post received more than 300 views. Some time ago N called Goran to request from him the rest of the Gospels. They have not been translated yet, but we are glad that in the near future the translation of the New Testament will continue, and with the Lord’s grace, Goran will one day be able to present N with the other Gospels, too.” (Note: Many Roma are being reached wherever they live or are temporarily working in other countries in Europe.)

Thank you so much for praying for us as a family and for our work to translate the Bible into Roma languages!

Todd & Pamala Price
(Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela)

The first leg of the marathon: Bible dedications nearing the completion of Phase 1 of the Bible translation project

(Following is the transcript of the above video, which is a report of the recent distribution of the Gospel of Luke and 50 chronological Bible stories in four Roma languages in Croatia and Serbia.)

Who are the Roma and why do they need Bible translation?

Roma people, often called Gypsies, are scorned throughout Europe, where most of them reside. They are darker in skin tone than other Europeans, usually far less educated, tend to keep to themselves, and have a reputation for lying and stealing. They are known as those who beg, might pick your pocket, usually have lots of kids, get married early, and dig through the trash to survive.

But God desires these social outcasts to become part of his family, and he is making his love for them known. Many Roma have become believers and churches and small Bible study groups have been formed. There is also a renewed interest in preserving and promoting Roma languages and a realization that Bible translation is still needed. Of the 88 known Roma dialects, only about 15 have any Scripture, and of those, only a half dozen have complete Bibles. Though Europe is generally post-Christian and post-modern, the Roma of Europe seem to be the most open to the gospel of Jesus.

That’s why we are excited to be involved in translating the Bible into 5 of these Roma language, languages spoken in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Bible translation is a marathon, usually taking 15-25 years to complete.

With Bible dedications, we tend to wait for the grand finale: a complete New Testament. A full Bible. But what about the little steps along the way? They are equally worthy of great rejoicing as communities finally encounter the transformative power of God’s Word!

That’s why we recently held a dedication in celebration of completing the Gospel of Luke and 50 Bible stories in four Roma languages spoken in former Yugoslavia—Arli, Bayash, Chergash, and Gurbet.

At the dedications held in Serbia and Croatia, the Roma translators, our project coordinator and I distributed some 1,500 printed Scripture materials! Recipients of those materials—other translators and pastors—were eager to distribute them into the waiting hands of their communities. The 50 Bible stories—encompassing creation to the return of Christ—are bound in a 700-page, full-color illustrated book made specifically for Roma. I also showed the Roma how to access the stories and Luke’s Gospel through recordings on their phones. The audio files are on both YouTube and a special website for Roma Bible translation. In this way, expectant Arli, Bayash, Chergash, and Gurbet speakers can read, and hear, what God has to say!

“There was a lot of excitement, not just for the translators seeing their work in print, but for the community to have in their hands what we have been talking about for a long time.

The Ludari team, representing the fifth language in this cluster, is still working hard to see the same result within their community. We completed a consultant check for Luke’s Gospel, logging 199 hours on Zoom over a 10-month period of virtual meetings in the US and Croatia. We plan to have this book and the 50 Bible stories completed by the end of March 2022.

In the meantime, I’m also preparing for a shift away from being the project coordinator to becoming the translation consultant. More of the New Testament will be translated into some of these Roma languages, which means more opportunity for them to understand that their people, their language, and their culture are not dejected. They are learning that they matter to God, and that changes everything. 

Let me close with one story: After spending the night in a small town in Serbia, we crossed into Croatia one Sunday morning. There we spent more time with the translators, discussing changes and improvements we will be making to speed up the next phase of this Bible translation project and to get more translators and more churches involved.

From there, we went to Djena and Biljana’s church. Though Djena and Biljana are Chergash speakers, most of the Roma in their church are speakers of two other, very different Roma languages, Bayash and Ludari. As I mentioned, we don’t have Ludari done yet, but it was a great joy to share with them printed and audio versions in Bayash, which some of them speak. I played the audio version of the prodigal son parable in the Bayash language. Everyone was very attentive and listened well.

At the end of the service, Biljana told me about a man in their church who cannot read and who has been attending their church for probably 10 years. They rarely get much of a response from him when they ask if he has understood what they have been preaching or teaching. But when he heard the story in Bayash played over the speaker, he got so excited. He told Biljana that he understood every word, and he started summarizing the story back to her in Croatian. This is the most he has ever responded to them in church. Praise God!

So, rejoice with us in the recent completion of the Gospel of Luke and 50 Bible stories, and please pray fervently for the Lord’s enablement to finish the rest of the Bible for these Roma languages.

Our daily prayer calendar for March 2022 (The Prices Write)

“I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.
Bend down and listen as I pray.”
(Ps. 17:6 NLT)

March 1 Today is Elizabeth’s 27th birthday! Pray for a better (safer) job, for a good church home & for spiritual growth daily

March 2 Today is Pam’s birthday! She praises God for His kindness, daily grace & joy, and for a loving family

March 3 The car Kirsten uses & Daniel will later use needs a new transmission & engine; pray for successful repairs in a timely fashion

March 4 Pray for successful audio recording of Luke & Bible stories in the Ludari language

March 5 Pray we can get another car (low mileage) for Todd to use (including trips to Oklahoma City to visit his mom)

March 6 Pray for Todd giving a missions update at Heartland Church, Blue Springs, MO, this morning

March 7 Pray for graphic artists doing the layout for Bible stories and Luke in the Ludari language, for accuracy & to finish soon

March 8 Pray for Todd doing reading & training to be recognized as a translation consultant, that he will be certified soon

March 9 Pray for Pam leading a women’s Bible study Wednesdays at our church

March 10 Pray for Todd uploading the Ludari translation to our website & making videos for YouTube of the audio files

March 11 Pray for Sasha as he oversees the Roma Bible translation work taking place in Croatia & Serbia

March 12 Pray for efficiency as we paint the inside of our house & finish out Daniel’s bedroom & the sun porch

March 13 Praise God for the Bible translation formatting work that Joy Hill did remotely from Australia

March 14 Pray for Kirsten for good mental health, perseverance in school & faith to believe the Scriptures

March 15 Pray that The Word for the World can establish their office & infrastructure for beginning translation work in Croatia & Serbia

March 16 Pray for Todd leading a men’s Bible Wednesdays at our church

March 17 Pray for Gurbet translation team to work well together; for progress on drafting books of OT & beginning their Diploma in Bible Translation

March 18 Pray for resolution in our favor of outstanding hospital bills from Matthew’s accident & hospital bills from Jan. & Feb. 2020

March 19 Today is Jonathan’s 30th birthday! Pray God will show Himself to him by providing a great job, wrist healing & faith in Jesus

March 20 Today is Daniel’s 14th birthday! Pray he will serve others through his skills & to have a growing spiritual appetite; praise for his good learning

March 21 Pray for Timothy to continue to grow spiritually, be a hard worker and help others diligently

March 22 Pray that God will provide $570 in monthly financial pledges which we currently lack

March 23 Pray for genuine new birth in Christ for all our loved ones who still need to come to know Him

March 24 Pray for 2 or 3 needed translators for the Bayash language so we can translate more of New Testament in that language

March 25 Pray for wisdom & strength for Pam home schooling the kids & helping her mom, as well as painting interior of our house

March 26 Pray for wisdom for Pierre who lives in Slovakia, project coordinator for phase 2 of the NT translation project

March 27 Pray for our children to be fed daily from the Scriptures & intentionally train themselves to be godly

March 28 Pray for daily wisdom as Todd checks the Roma translation drafts for Gospel of Matthew

March 29 Pray for God to work mightily in the Roma village in Slavonski Brod thru colleagues Andy, Lim, Sergej & Željka

March 30 Pray for 2 or 3 needed translators for the Ludari language so we can translate more of New Testament in that language

March 31 Pray that many Roma would listen to and/or read our Bible translations online & in print & for lives to be transformed

Editing, testing and checking finished in Ludari!

Sergej and Zoki checking the final chapters of Luke with two Roma from the local community to make sure they understand & to get their feedback

Thank you for praying for the translation work. Here are some updates:

Yesterday, Zoki, Sergej and I finished the final checks in the Ludari language for the Gospel of Luke, 50 chronological Bible stories and the glossary. Today I sent the text of the Bible stories in to the graphic artist so she can begin getting the book ready for print. Please pray for that to go smoothly, that there will be no errors in the text, and that we can get everything printed in March.

Praise God that they have finished audio recordings of 10 of the 50 Bible stories. Please pray for Sergej and Gordana as they work to finish recording the remaining stories, and for Sergej and Ivan as they record the Gospel of Luke. Please pray that we can finish the recordings and get them online by the end of March as well.

Praise God for answering prayer that we now have a full team of translators for three of the languages (Arli, Gurbet and Chergash) and can continue with the project to translate more of the NT in those languages.

Thank you for your faithful prayers,
Todd & Pamala Price

Thank you praying for my (Todd’s) mom in the nursing home in Oklahoma City. It was nice to visit her as a family last weekend.