A picture’s worth a 1,000 words (The Prices Write, September 2019, part 1)

In August we worked with our colleagues and two summer teams who came to Croatia from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Florida and London, England. Probably over 250 Roma kids attended the various events in four different locations in Croatia. These included Vacation Bible School-type outreach, day Bible camp, and an overnight Bible camp. Through these outreachesContinue reading “A picture’s worth a 1,000 words (The Prices Write, September 2019, part 1)”

Summer Outreach, day 4: Sisak

Thank you for praying for us. Today we had the 3rd and final day of the mini day-camp, held at Bethel Baptist Church in Sisak. We brought 18 teens/tweens from Capraške Poljane. The theme was salvation and we had a skit, Bible teaching, small group teaching time, games, crafts and lunch together. In the afternoon,Continue reading “Summer Outreach, day 4: Sisak”

Summer Outreach, day 3: Sisak

Thank you for your prayers. Today was a good day with the teen/tween day-camp. The lesson was on forgiveness. We had a songs, a skit, Bible teaching on the Lord’s Prayer, small group discussion, games, crafts, pizza and ice cream. Our prayer is that the Lord will call some of these 17 teens/tweens to HimselfContinue reading “Summer Outreach, day 3: Sisak”

Summer Outreach, day 2: Sisak

Thank you for praying for yesterday’s outreach. We had a mini day-camp with 16 teens/tweens from Capraške Poljane with the theme of prayer. We took them to the Baptist Church in Sisak for songs, teaching, small groups, lunch, games and ice cream. Then in the evening we returned to the village, Capraške Poljane and hadContinue reading “Summer Outreach, day 2: Sisak”

Summer outreach, day 1: Sisak and Palanjek

Thank you for praying for yesterday’s outreach in two villages. We had about 75 kids in Sisak and another 25 or so in Palanjek. Sisak is a Ludari Roma village and Palanjek is a Bayash Roma village. For the program, we sang songs, acted out the story of Zaccheus (Adam Anderson did a stellar jobContinue reading “Summer outreach, day 1: Sisak and Palanjek”

Day 2: Bible carnival in Sisak

Thank you for praying for Day 2 of the Bible carnival in Sisak. For today’s club, held in the open field in the village beginning around 6 pm, we sang Bible songs, performed a skit about the parable of the unforgiving servant (from Matthew 18) and helped the kids make a craft and color anContinue reading “Day 2: Bible carnival in Sisak”