“Živ sam (I’m alive)!” The Prices Write, May 2019, part 1)

“Živ sam (I’m alive)!” said Daniel who was Jesus in the Easter skit at our church here in Slavonski Brod. In the top picture they are singing an Easter song: Pamala is leading the actions, Ariela is one of the women who went to the tomb and Daniel is Jesus. If you look closely at the picture above and the one below, you can see the “hole” in his hand!

The kids hunted for eggs & bags of
Easter treats in our backyard.

Coming to the US soon for a month

We are excited that we will be in Kansas City (also visiting OKC & Dallas) May 20-June 20, 2019, to renew our driver’s licenses and visit family!

Financial support update

Please pray for donors who will pledge $390 more per month for our missionary support. (See top of page, right side, for giving instructions.)

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