Visiting California for more tests & second opinions

Christ is risen; He’s risen indeed! The weather was beautiful in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, for Ariela, Daniel, and Kirsten to enjoy an Easter egg hunt with Pam (pictured above). Matthew and I enjoyed worship at home in Kansas City with Elizabeth and Stephen. Thank you for praying for us. Matthew has had good appointments hereContinue reading “Visiting California for more tests & second opinions”

Summer Outreach, day 5: Orahovica

Thank you for your prayers. Yesterday was the 1st day of a 3-day camp for 35 Roma teens and tweens from two villages, Darda and Slavonski Brod, who gathered in Orahovica, Croatia. They enjoyed swimming, games, meals together, Bible teaching, worship, small group discussion and other activities. Pamala was busy buying groceries for the meals,Continue reading “Summer Outreach, day 5: Orahovica”

Summer Outreach, day 2: Sisak

Thank you for praying for yesterday’s outreach. We had a mini day-camp with 16 teens/tweens from Capraške Poljane with the theme of prayer. We took them to the Baptist Church in Sisak for songs, teaching, small groups, lunch, games and ice cream. Then in the evening we returned to the village, Capraške Poljane and hadContinue reading “Summer Outreach, day 2: Sisak”

Visas! Car tags! Language learning! Bible translation! God’s answer to your prayers

We so appreciate you all faithfully praying for us. The Lord has been merciful and answered numerous prayers. We received our visas and work permits to allow us to be in Croatia another year. Once we had our visas, I was able to tag and license our car in Croatia for another year. It failedContinue reading “Visas! Car tags! Language learning! Bible translation! God’s answer to your prayers”

Family time in Missouri

We’ve been visiting the States for the last 2 1/2 weeks and have been able to get a lot of things done: renewed Todd and Pam’s driver’s licenses (the do-or-die reason we had to come back to the States since we can’t drive in the US or Croatia without valid licenses and those have toContinue reading “Family time in Missouri”

Kirsten’s schooling; our visit to the States (The Prices Write, June 2019, part 1)

Kirsten’s Schooling Kirsten has been home schooled, including the last two years when she has done online school while living at home. Last year we moved to Slavonski Brod, Croatia, a small town where no other missionary kids live, and it has been a lonely place for her to be. Though she has done wellContinue reading “Kirsten’s schooling; our visit to the States (The Prices Write, June 2019, part 1)”

The 12 Days of Christmas

Ariela’s Christmas recital in mid-December. It was a bit hard to find her on the stage among all the blonde-haired little girls in red and white but she is the one in the middle, sitting down, facing the camera with her right hand reaching to her Santa cap (see yellow arrow). Matthew carried over fromContinue reading “The 12 Days of Christmas”