Matthew off all IVs, to be discharged soon

Yesterday throughout the day, they lowered Matthew’s IV medications, and this morning stopped it completely. We are so excited since this means that he is no longer tethered to the IV pole. Now Matthew can put his shirt on since all the IV lines which were in the way are no longer hooked up. Now,Continue reading “Matthew off all IVs, to be discharged soon”

Pray for the Bible translation team’s progress

Each financial quarter, our dear friends at The Seed Company send out a brief report on the progress of our Roma Bible translations, so prayer partners can see the progress and pray for the needs. In this blog post I am sharing portions of that so you can know and pray as well. This isContinue reading “Pray for the Bible translation team’s progress”

Update from the Seed Company

We’re so thankful for the generous funding for our Bible translation projects from The Seed Company. Here is a brief report from The Seed Company about our projects. Note that what we are doing is called a “cluster project” since we are translating simultaneously into 4 or 5 languages, which share some features, and formContinue reading “Update from the Seed Company”