Recording the Bible for the first time

Please pray this week for a successful, first-time-ever recording of the newly translated Scriptures in the Roma dialect of Gurbet! This week an audio engineer, Brad, came from Michigan to train one of our Roma Bible translators, Goran, to make audio recordings so that all five Roma dialects we’re translating can also be recorded! Goran already has some experience in recording. He will be recording Naki, his daughter, and one of our translators, as she reads 50 Bible stories that span Genesis to Revelation. Her husband will read Luke chapters 1 and 2, which includes the Christmas story.

Please pray that all will go smoothly and that the recordings will be of excellent quality and for God’s Spirit to protect every person and aspect involved, including the technicalities, excellent communication, and safe travels. Todd is overseeing the project.

Praise God with us that the last two weeks of Bible editing and checking sessions with our consultant from Texas in all five of the dialects went very well. They were able to accomplish the goals for completing specific passages, everyone was healthy, and all experienced safety in their many travels! Hallelujah!

The kingdom advances verse by verse because His Word will be understood by many who don’t … yet!

Thanks for investing in eternity through your prayers, encouraging words, and financial support!

Your fellow pilgrim,
Pam Price

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