Answered prayers & current prayer requests

Our friends at The Seed Company recently asked us, “What prayers were answered from last quarter (2018)?” I wanted to share with you what we told them:

Checking Luke 8 in the Arli and Gurbet languages at my office (L-R: Kada, Sasha, yours truly, Naki, Goran)
  1. Several of our Roma Bible translators are getting more confident and better in their translating. Several of them have learned to use ParaTExt which is a huge help since now they do more of the work on their own without me.
  2. I have been able to meet consistently with the Ludari translators and they are very happy to do the translation work on Open Bible Stories. Even the 14-year old boy is excited to help!
  3. I am making slow progress in understanding the Ludari language.
  4. We now have four more translators to work on getting the training materials (translationAcademy), exegetical helps (translationNotes, translationWords) and field testing comprehension questions (translationQuestions) put into Croatian. This project had been going very slowly but has picked up considerably lately.
  5. We praise God for good medical check ups here in Slavonski Brod and good news on the results regarding Pam’s heart palpitations!
Translating Open Bible Stories into the Ludari language

“What are your current prayer requests?”

  1. Please pray for good health for Pamala and for a healthy heart.
  2. I need more national and expat workers so that these 5 language translations can move along at a faster pace.
  3. Please pray we can get the exegesis and team check done for Luke 1-3 next quarter.
  4. Pray for the best way to make audio recordings of the translations so we can field test them for comprehension.
  5. Pray for each of the translators: Natasha, Renata, Nedjeljko B., Sasha, Kada, Goran, Naki, Djena, Biljana, Zoki and Nedjeljko N. to be guided by the Spirit and for the translation always to be what the Lord wants, in every word, punctuation mark, heading and illustration. Pray that they will stay healthy and will work diligently translating week in and week out.
  6. Pray that we can make faster progress so we can make the goal of finishing Luke, Matthew and Mark by January 2021.
Checking Luke in the Bayash language (with Natasha, at Renata’s) (picture taken late last year)

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