Praying the Scriptures for World Missions–a sermon

Praying the Scriptures for World Missions A sermon preached Nov. 8, 2015, at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Springs, MO   The ministry that we are involved in is in Budapest, Hungary.  Many of you know that we were in Croatia and then in Bosnia before that for about 16 years, and for the last coupleContinue reading “Praying the Scriptures for World Missions–a sermon”

Corrected link for “Read another page, she asked; Christmas shoe boxes (part 2); Year-end giving” e-mail

After I sent out our most recent e-mail, I realized that the link from “See more pictures here” under the section “Christmas Shoe Boxes (part 2)” was incorrect. It should go to our friends’ blog here: My apologies for the error.

Distribution of 80 food parcels to Roma village

Thank you all for praying for our trip yesterday to Hernádvécse, a village in NE Hungary. In the morning we packed up 160 loaves of bread, 80 food boxes, and 80 kilos (175 lbs.) of ground pork and headed out in two vans. The Roma family who greeted us were incredibly warm and kind. WhenContinue reading “Distribution of 80 food parcels to Roma village”

Food packets for Christmas

We’re so thankful for a family in our church who is organizing a great outreach to poor Roma children and families in NE Hungary. By God’s grace we were able to help buy food packages for over 30 families. Each packet had the following contents: (By the way, 1 kg [kilogram] is 2.2 lbs., 1Continue reading “Food packets for Christmas”

Christmas shoeboxes for Roma children (part 1)

We headed to the store to buy gifts to fill 5 Christmas shoesboxes for Roma (Gypsy) children. A family in our church here in Budapest is organizing an outreach to give Christmas shoeboxes to 500 Roma children in north-central Hungary.