Distribution of 80 food parcels to Roma village

Thank you all for praying for our trip yesterday to Hernádvécse, a village in NE Hungary. In the morning we packed up 160 loaves of bread, 80 food boxes, and 80 kilos (175 lbs.) of ground pork and headed out in two vans. The Roma family who greeted us were incredibly warm and kind. When we arrived they had the table spread for us with a great meal of soup, noodles and goulash, turkey, potatoes, various desserts, and waited on us hand and foot, making me feel quite humbled. Then the group unloaded all of the aforementioned packets into their little kitchen and living room, and had each family come in to their house, sign for their packet and get their picture taken. They were polite and very appreciative. These are the poorest 80 families in this village and a couple surrounding villages, mostly Roma, but a few “whites” (Hungarians) also. Each family received 4.4 lbs. of bread, 2.2 lbs. of ground pork, 2.2 lbs. of rice, 1 head of cabbage, tomato sauce, 1 quart of cooking oil, 8.8 lbs. of flour, 8.8 lbs. of sugar, 1.1 lbs. beans, 1.1 lbs. of lentils, instant cocoa, paprika, spices and a Gospel of John in Hungarian. I arrived home 12 hours later, tired but happy to have been a small part in this. Thank you for praying.

Unloading the boxes of food from one of the vans
One of the families receiving their food parcel
Unloading the ground pork from the other van
Unloading the loaves of bread
Waiting for their turns
Coming to get the food packets
Waiting outside while the boxes are unloaded
350 lbs. of bread stacked on their couch ready for distribution
A family representative getting her box

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