“When I hear it in my language…” (The Prices Write, June 2019, part 2)

This Monday, as Nedeljko began to read aloud from Luke 3 in the Bayash Roma language, he hesitated. With emotion, he said “When I hear God’s Word in my Roma language, it speaks to me more powerfully than in Croatian.” Once again, he was moved by the power of the Bible in his mother tongue.Continue reading ““When I hear it in my language…” (The Prices Write, June 2019, part 2)”

Declare His Glory Among the Nations

I preached this sermon when we were in the States last year. Today I’m posting the transcription and pictures for those who would like to read it. Declare His Glory Among the Nations A sermon preached Aug. 2, 2015, at Heritage Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK. I grew up here in Oklahoma City.  So it feels likeContinue reading “Declare His Glory Among the Nations”

Praying the Scriptures for World Missions–a sermon

Praying the Scriptures for World Missions A sermon preached Nov. 8, 2015, at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Springs, MO   The ministry that we are involved in is in Budapest, Hungary.  Many of you know that we were in Croatia and then in Bosnia before that for about 16 years, and for the last coupleContinue reading “Praying the Scriptures for World Missions–a sermon”

Impossible Odds?

Lately I’ve been thinking about what we are up against. There are 12 million Roma, living in over 25 countries in Europe and western Eurasia. They speak 85 dialects, and only about a dozen of these have the Bible translated. Many Roma live with horrible poverty, and suffer from oppression and prejudice, living with illiteracyContinue reading “Impossible Odds?”

Roma Bible translation

Please pray for: Progress in translating portions of Luke, Mark and John in 6 dialects: 1) Hungarian Ardelean Bayash; 2) Hungarian Munteon Bayash, 3) Slavic Ardelean Bayash, 4) Ludari, 5) NW Croatian Arli; 6) Serbian Gurbet Pray that we can quickly & accurately prepare the materials to train mother tongue translators to translate from Hungarian,Continue reading “Roma Bible translation”

Roma (Gypsies) in Europe

12-16 million Roma (Gypsies) in Europe and western Eurasia Scattered throughout 26 countries (includes 40 regions or semi-autonomous regions) Speaking 85+ dialects Only a dozen have the Bible in their Romani dialect Please pray for: The Bible to be translated into all Romani dialects which need it These translation projects to be started by 2025Continue reading “Roma (Gypsies) in Europe”