Food packets for Christmas

We’re so thankful for a family in our church who is organizing a great outreach to poor Roma children and families in NE Hungary. By God’s grace we were able to help buy food packages for over 30 families. Each packet had the following contents: (By the way, 1 kg [kilogram] is 2.2 lbs., 1 liter is just over 1 quart, and 100 grams is 3.5 ounces.)

1 kg rice
1 kg minced pork
1 cabbage
1 kg bread
0.5 liter tomato purée
1 liter cooking oil
4 kg flour
4 kg sugar
0.5 kg dry beans
0.5 kg dry lentils
1 packet drinking chocolate powder
100 grams ground red pepper
100 grams spice mixture

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    karen608 says:

    Thanks for saying what each box had in it!

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