Watch our newest video compilation

We made this video for our home church, CrossWay Bible Church, in Blue Springs, MO, to give an overview of the ministry of Roma (Gypsy) Bible translation in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. It is made from a conglomeration of several other of our videos. Special thanks to Joshua Hill, Joy Hill, Bob Hitching, Nancy Hitching,Continue reading “Watch our newest video compilation”

How to Pray for a Bible Translator (The Prices Write–February 2015)

HOW TO PRAY FOR A BIBLE TRANSLATOR I often ask you to pray for those involved in our Bible translation projects. Of necessity, these prayer requests are very short in order to fit in the small space of a daily prayer calendar. So to help you pray more intelligently, I thought I would offer moreContinue reading “How to Pray for a Bible Translator (The Prices Write–February 2015)”

Praises & requests: yesterday’s meeting with B. and L.

Thank you for praying for our 7 hour, 330 mile, round trip from Budapest, Hungary, to Vrije, Croatia, and back again yesterday. It was a tiring 12 hours and we were happy to be home, but it was such a great, fruitful meeting. 1. Bob and Ljiljana, Biljana’s sister-in-law who is an amazing artist, areContinue reading “Praises & requests: yesterday’s meeting with B. and L.”

More details about today’s trip

1. In half an hour I head out the door to go to a village, Vrije, in Croatia, with my teammates. It is a 6 hour drive round trip so please pray for safety. We are driving back the same day. 2. Pray for B. The situation is difficult for B., a Bayash Roma. WithoutContinue reading “More details about today’s trip”

The Bible for all Roma

Our vision is to see God’s Word in the heart language of every Roma (Gypsy) in Europe and western Eurasia. There are 12-16 million Roma in over 30 countries, speaking over 80 dialects. Next year begins the Decade of the Book (2015-2025) when we pray that Bible translation will begin in every Roma dialect whichContinue reading “The Bible for all Roma”