June 2018 Daily Prayer Calendar


Joy and Todd at his office, preparing for the upcoming Bible translation workshop


For our prayer calendar in a format for printing out, click here.

June 1 Pray we can quickly receive long-term visas for living in Croatia

June 2 Pray for friends for Kirsten who love Jesus

June 3 Pray for the kids to work hard to learn the Croatian language

June 4 Pray for jobs for Timothy in Kansas City and Matthew in Oklahoma City

June 5 Pray for wisdom for teammate, Joy, as she travels to Kenya for a week of important meetings for Pioneers’ child safety network

June 6 Pray for divine guidance for Todd studying Luke 5-13 in preparation for Bible translation with Roma translation team members

June 7 Pray we can make an app & website for testing & sharing our Bible translation rough drafts with Roma speakers

June 8 Praise God for encouraging Stephen & Elizabeth with a wonderful Pioneers team in Albania serving the Roma

June 9 Praise God for everyone’s generous financial support which enables us to serve in Croatia (& Serbia)

June 10 Pray for each of our children to be faithful Christ-followers

June 11 Pray for Jonathan & Cindy adjusting to life & work in San Jose, California, & for redemptive friendships

June 12 Pray for God’s work in the hearts of many Roma, Croats & Serbs, to respond to God’s truth

June 13 Pray for encouragement for local pastors, & national & foreign missionaries & their families as they serve in discouraging places

June 14 Pray for all the many last-minute details & that all the Roma translators will stay healthy & arrive for the workshop

June 15 Pray for spiritual protection over our entire family & translation teams

June 16 Pray for Dr. Ross, translation consultant, traveling to our home to lead the 2-week Bible translation workshop for Roma translators

June 17 Pray for Dr. Ross to get the rest he needs after a full schedule elsewhere & another time zone switch

June 18 Pray for accuracy & clarity in checking the Gurbet Bible translation draft

June 19 Pray for Goran & Naki making decisions in translating into Gurbet

June 20 Pray for natural & acceptable, clear & accurate translation work into Arli

June 21 Pray for Sasha & Kada to work well as a team & make good translation decisions for Arli

June 22 Pray for accuracy & clarity in checking the Bayash Bible translation draft

June 23 Pray for Natasha, Nedeljko & Renata to make wise translation decisions for Bayash

June 24 Pray for rest & refreshment in the midst of intense & tiring Bible translation workshop weeks

June 25 Pray for God’s enablement & guidance in the myriad of translation decisions we are making these weeks

June 26 Pray for natural, acceptable, clear & accurate translation work into Chergash

June 27 Pray for the Lord to work mightily in Kirsten at the MK camp in Croatia starting today (through July 3)

June 28 Pray for Djeno & Biljana to work well together & make good translation decisions for Chergash

June 29 Pray for stamina, wisdom & the Lord’s power as we continue checking the Chergash Bible translation

June 30 Pray for Dr. Ross returning to the States after 3 weeks of travel and translation work & for rest & refreshment

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