“Man not will live only from bread” (Fresh prayer request for the Bible translation work)

Dear friends who pray,
It is so nice to know that I can share time-sensitive prayer requests with you all and know that you are praying for us. Here are some fresh requests:
1. We have a Bible translation consultant workshop scheduled for June 18-29and there are many requests for that:
a) Please pray that we can get the exegesis and first draft check done in all four languages (Arli, Gurbet, Chergash and Bayash) for Luke 4-13 by then in preparation for the workshop.
b) Pray that we can get these drafts back translated into Serbo-Croatian and English very soon in preparation for the workshop.
c) Pray for the 9 Roma Bible translators to remain healthy and be able to attend the workshop on the days they need to. It is a very tight schedule.
d) Praise God that just 100 yards from our house there is a nice bed and breakfast where the translators can stay, which will make it very convenient since we will be meeting in the office in our house.
2. Because of our time in the States on home assignment and our move from Hungary to Croatia, I am way behind in a lot of administrative work and financial record-keeping that I must get caught up on soon.
We treasure your prayers for us.
Thank you,
BELOW: Matthew 4:4 in the Arli translation draft, back translated woodenly, says, “But  Jesus replied to him: ‘It is written: “Man not will live only from bread”.

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