Kirsten in Germany, at Black Forest Academy

We are praising the Lord for the opportunity for Kirsten to be nurtured at Black Forest Academy through the loving staff and faculty we met there. She started her sophomore year of high school yesterday after the opening ceremony and saying our goodbyes until Christmas. Please pray for Kirsten to adjust well and eagerly learnContinue reading “Kirsten in Germany, at Black Forest Academy”

Summer Outreach, day 3: Sisak

Thank you for your prayers. Today was a good day with the teen/tween day-camp. The lesson was on forgiveness. We had a songs, a skit, Bible teaching on the Lord’s Prayer, small group discussion, games, crafts, pizza and ice cream. Our prayer is that the Lord will call some of these 17 teens/tweens to HimselfContinue reading “Summer Outreach, day 3: Sisak”

“It makes me so happy to read the Gospel in my mother tongue” (The Prices Write, August 2019, part 1)

I (Todd) recently met with Nedeljko (pictured above), and his daughters, Nataša and Renata to check our translation of Luke 1-11 into the Bayash language, and to test it out with listeners from their village. As Nedeljko read it in his heart language, he got goose bumps and was choked up. His face lit upContinue reading ““It makes me so happy to read the Gospel in my mother tongue” (The Prices Write, August 2019, part 1)”

Pray for Kirsten’s school application; praise for SHARE & b-day celebration

As you can see in the top two pictures, we enjoyed celebrating Pamala’s birthday a couple weeks ago. We were even able to pull off a surprise party for her during the SHARE conference where good friends whom we don’t get to see often could be there! Speaking of SHARE, we had a great week as we always doContinue reading “Pray for Kirsten’s school application; praise for SHARE & b-day celebration”

Family pictures from Croatia

An Ariela/Mommy date at the mall! Last Bible club held outside for the year. It’s getting cold! Christian Hospitality Network free retreat in Ljubljana, Slovenia! Ariela and her doll in the Holly Hobby dresses Pam’s mom made for her when she was a little girl! The roses that the Slavonski Brod Baptist Church gave DanielContinue reading “Family pictures from Croatia”

Upcoming outreach in Sisak

Ariela singing with the VBS kids at the Slavonski Brod Baptist Church   Dear praying friends,   1. We’re thankful for the great VBS held through the Baptist Church here in Slavonski Brod by a wonderful team from Nashville that Daniel and Ariela, and our colleagues’ two sons, attended. 2. Thank you for praying for Kirsten on herContinue reading “Upcoming outreach in Sisak”

Life in Slavonski Brod

Thank you for all your prayers for our move to Croatia. We’re so thankful that everything has gone extremely well. Here is a collection of pictures from life here. This is the street behind our house. Ariela learned to ride without training wheels. Dates with Daddy are a Saturday highlight (coffee for him, ice creamContinue reading “Life in Slavonski Brod”

Sisak team for children’s Bible club

Thank you to the fantastic team from Master’s Community Church for a great week of outreach in the Roma village. Thank you to the Pioneers Sava Team for all the preparation and for leading the outreach. Thank you to Betel Baptist Church for hosting us. Thank you to our supporters who faithfully pray and give.Continue reading “Sisak team for children’s Bible club”