What’s up? Tomorrow is a big day!

The office is set up. The places at the conference table are ready. And tomorrow, bright and early, I head to the airport to pick up Dr. Ross.

These next two weeks will be important as Dr. Ross and I meet with the teams who are translating the Bible into four Roma languages. They will be traveling to Slavonski Brod, Croatia, where we live, and will meet at my office for 11 days of Bible translation. Each of the four teams take turns and will get 2-4 days to work with us as we check their translations, especially in Luke chapters 4-6. This is part of the 100 or so steps in Bible translation, teaching the translators and helping them by checking each verse and each keyword to make sure the translations are of the highest quality. Please pray:

  • For stamina as it is very tiring to spend hours in the tedious and often difficult work of deciding the best way to translate words and passages.
  • For love, patience, humility and humble hearts. We are all (too) human and we all need to be full of grace as we correct each other’s work and debate the merits of different ways a word or phrase can be translated.
  • For the mind of the Lord, since he is the author of the Word. That he will guide us to correct translation in everything.
  • For the computers, tablets, Internet connections, software programs, etc. to work well during these two weeks.
  • For everyone to stay healthy and for safety in travel.

And a big praise:

  • Today we found out that our one-year visas and work permits for Croatia have been approved! This is a big answer to prayer and we are very grateful.

While I have you, here are a two more quick praises and prayer requests.

  • Praise God that Rebekah has arrived to serve all summer here. She has come on two summer teams in the past, and now she is here for a bit longer this year. Now that she is here, the team will be able to put more time into outreach in the second village, Sisak, where we, they and Rebekah have ministered before. Pray for the Lord to gather a people to himself in that village.
  • In a few days our co-workers should be getting the long-awaited building permit, which is needed before construction can begin on the ministry center they are building in the Roma village here in Slavonski Brod. Please pray there will be nothing to hold this up any longer.

Thanks so much for praying! It is very encouraging to know you are standing with us before the Throne of Grace.


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