Saviour of the World (by Mark Beazley)


This is a short music video (, with pictures of some of the Roma Gypsies of Eastern Europe for whom we are translating the Bible. In the video, you will see pictures of many Roma and of the work we are doing to bring the message of redemption to them through translating the Bible into their Roma dialects.
The words and music of the song, called “Saviour of the World”, which will be playing were written by my friend, Mark Beazley. Some of the lyrics are:
“True Son of heaven
Star of the morning
Light to the people walking in darkness
Shine on us”
“Only Messiah
Hope for the hopeless
Desire of the nations your blood has ransomed
Bring us life”
As you listen to the song and watch the video you will see pictures of many of the Roma. You will see the Roma believers who are translators working on Bible translation. You will see the children’s Bible clubs that we do in the summer, where we tell Bible stories, play games, teach Bible songs and do Bible story crafts with the Roma children in their villages. You will see us working on the Bible translations with the Roma translators. You will see us testing out drafts of Bible translations to see if the people understand it. The part where there is talking is from this summer when we had the children’s Bible club and the teacher is teaching them our theme, that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. She is having the kids repeat this and then preparing to lead them in a song.
I hope you enjoy watching and listening.

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