Visas! Car tags! Language learning! Bible translation! God’s answer to your prayers

We so appreciate you all faithfully praying for us. The Lord has been merciful and answered numerous prayers.

  1. We received our visas and work permits to allow us to be in Croatia another year.
  2. Once we had our visas, I was able to tag and license our car in Croatia for another year. It failed the first inspection but after some minor repairs, it did pass.
  3. While we waited for our visas, during the time when we were without our car, we were able to use the car of a Croatian friend. This is the car I use for all my travel to do Bible translation meetings and workshops. I was able to also get it inspected and licensed for another year.
  4. Natasha and I met in Zagreb (where she lives 2 hours from us) and edited and improved the Bayash translation of Luke 11:14-12:44.

5. We also made an audio recording of Luke chapters 1-12 which will be very useful as we do field testing where we play the audio for other Bayash speakers in the villages to see how well they understand it. (We are pictured above with Natasha holding the microphone.)

6. Our Croatian pastor’s daughter, Lara, has been a great answer to prayer as she comes to our home to teach Daniel and Ariela Croatian. She is a good and patient teacher and the kids are learning really well (pictured above with her little brother, Karlo, with Daniel and Ariela, at the sandbox at our house, doing language learning through play).

7. Kirsten had a great week at missionary kid camp in Croatia. She has attended for 5 years and has some really great friends from there (pictured above).

Thank you all so much for praying!

Todd & Pamala

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