Family time in Missouri

We’ve been visiting the States for the last 2 1/2 weeks and have been able to get a lot of things done:

  • renewed Todd and Pam’s driver’s licenses (the do-or-die reason we had to come back to the States since we can’t drive in the US or Croatia without valid licenses and those have to be renewed in person in Missouri)
  • Kirsten got her driver’s permit
  • We’ve had a ton of dental work done
  • Kirsten got her physical and vaccinations done required for attendance at Black Forest Academy in Germany
  • got Daniel tested for dyslexia and began vision therapy for him
  • attended our niece’s wedding which doubled as a mini family reunion as we got to see Pam’s parents, sister, and most of her nieces and nephews
  • celebrated our 30th anniversary away at a hotel while Elizabeth, Stephen and Timothy watched our younger kids
  • had a great visit with Jonathan and Matthew who flew in from Oakland
  • got lots of repair work done on one of our vans we use in the US
  • Pam spoke to our home church ladies’ Bible study
  • got chiropractic adjustments
  • saw lots of friends and family members
  • met with our home church’s mission committee and another supporting church’s missions pastor
  • visited friends and summer teamers in KS
  • spent special time with family (as shown below in pictures!)
All of us in one place, at our niece’s wedding in Kansas City (back row, L-R: Kirsten, Jonathan, Matthew, Timothy, Elizabeth, Stephen; front row, L-R: Daniel, Todd, Pamala, Ariela)
30 years of wedded bliss
Fun at the park
Hanging out
Pam with her dad, Mal
Pam’s side of the family at our niece, Ana Sharp (Williamson)’s, wedding in KC
Pam with sister, Kim
Celebrating 30 years of marriage at Crown Center in KC
Anniversary celebration
Attending church with Timothy
Timothy, Ariela, Elizabeth, Stephen, Kirsten, Daniel
Kim and Dan Sharp, Todd, Mal & Barb Hughes, Pam, Val Morrison-Liu

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