3 years ago today was Matthew’s accident

Three years ago today is when Matthew (now 24) had his motorcycle accident. We praise God for sparing his life and giving him and us grace to endure 46 days in the hospital and 12 surgeries. We are grateful for how far he has come! He is living in Decatur, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta),Continue reading “3 years ago today was Matthew’s accident”

Matthew got his prosthetic arm and has moved to Atlanta; other exciting family happenings

Thank you all so much for praying. On Monday, Matthew got his long awaited prosthetic arm. It has been almost 22 months since his motorcycle accident, and 19 months since we started the process of working to get a prosthetic. The prosthestic arm is fiberglass, partially powered by battery and partial powered by body movement.Continue reading “Matthew got his prosthetic arm and has moved to Atlanta; other exciting family happenings”

One year after Matthew’s accident

I’m writing this on January 19th, the one-year anniversary of the day we received the fateful early-morning phone call in Croatia, telling us that Matthew had been in a severe motorcycle accident. Here we are now, one year later, able to look back and see God’s hand and loving kindness through it all. We won’tContinue reading “One year after Matthew’s accident”

The (belated) Prices Write (August 2020, part 1)

Dear praying friends, I apologize for being so late with this prayer letter. Thank you all for praying for us faithfully. Matthew’s surgery in San Francisco on July 10 went well. We won’t know the long-term results for at least a few months and more likely for 1-2 years since nerves re-grow at a veryContinue reading “The (belated) Prices Write (August 2020, part 1)”

Matthew’s surgery went very well!

Thank you for praying and thank the Lord for answering these prayers! Matthew’s surgery went very well. The surgeon was able to make the nerve transfers she wanted to, from his spinal accessory nerves and his intercostal (rib) nerves to his trapezius and deltoid. He now has four incisions, including a longer one from hisContinue reading “Matthew’s surgery went very well!”

Matthew currently in surgery

Please be in prayer for Matthew who is in surgery right now. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am this morning for him to check in. I’m not allowed in the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions until he is out of surgery and in his hospital room. Until then I am waiting across theContinue reading “Matthew currently in surgery”

Pray for Matthew’s surgery Friday morning in San Francisco

Matthew and I are in San Francisco this week. Please pray for his surgery this Friday. He will check in at 5:30 am for his morning surgery which will last several hours. The goal is for the surgeon to successfully re-route nerves from his spinal accessory nerve and maybe from some intercostal (rib) nerves soContinue reading “Pray for Matthew’s surgery Friday morning in San Francisco”

“Thus far the Lord has helped us” (The Prices Write, July 2020)

This letter is a “stone of remembrance”–a testimony to give praise to God for His provision. As many of you know, our family has gone through major trials and transitions since January 18 when Matthew had his motorcycle accident. Through all of it, we have seen God provide our every need on each step ofContinue reading ““Thus far the Lord has helped us” (The Prices Write, July 2020)”

Matthew to have nerve transfer surgery; van need met!

Thank you for praying. God has graciously answered prayer for our vehicle needs. Through three very generous donors, we received funds to buy a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan with only 13,000 miles and a seven-year full-coverage warranty. We are so grateful for your prayers and God’s provision. Matthew will have nerve transfer surgery the weekContinue reading “Matthew to have nerve transfer surgery; van need met!”

Back together as a family!

We are back together as a family! Pamala, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela arrived in Kansas City the night of May 26. The following day was our anniversary so the timing was perfect. We’ve located a house in Kansas City and plan to sign a one-year lease and move in the first week of June, LordContinue reading “Back together as a family!”