Roma Bible translation


Please pray for:

  • Progress in translating portions of Luke, Mark and John in 6 dialects: 1) Hungarian Ardelean Bayash; 2) Hungarian Munteon Bayash, 3) Slavic Ardelean Bayash, 4) Ludari, 5) NW Croatian Arli; 6) Serbian Gurbet
  • Pray that we can quickly & accurately prepare the materials to train mother tongue translators to translate from Hungarian, Croatian and Serbian
  • Pray for God to raise up mother tongue speakers with a passion to translate the Bible into their native Romani dialect
  • Pray that we can finish, print, distribute & make available digitally a booklet of translated Scripture with 5 stories from the Gospel of Luke
  • Pray these Luke booklets will be well received and we can move on to a booklet with several chapters from Luke or other Gospels

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