“When I hear it in my language…” (The Prices Write, June 2019, part 2)

Editing the Bayash translation of Luke with Nedeljko & Natasha

This Monday, as Nedeljko began to read aloud from Luke 3 in the Bayash Roma language, he hesitated. With emotion, he said “When I hear God’s Word in my Roma language, it speaks to me more powerfully than in Croatian.” Once again, he was moved by the power of the Bible in his mother tongue.

The Bible translation consultant and I met with him and his daughter to edit and check their draft of Luke 3 in the Bayash language. The week before we met for six days to check Luke 1-3 and parts of 11 in 3 other Roma languages (Arli, Chergash & Gurbet).

Thank you for praying as we go verse-by-verse, several times, checking these drafts to be sure they are accurate as well as clear for the Roma who will one day hear God’s Word in their language.

Financial Support Update

Please pray for donors who will pledge $310 more per month for our missionary support. (See top right for giving instructions.)

Thank you for your prayer!


Todd & Pamala Price

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