Kirsten in Germany, at Black Forest Academy

We are praising the Lord for the opportunity for Kirsten to be nurtured at Black Forest Academy through the loving staff and faculty we met there. She started her sophomore year of high school yesterday after the opening ceremony and saying our goodbyes until Christmas.

  • Please pray for Kirsten to adjust well and eagerly learn what God has for her.
  • Pray for the dorm parents and RAs to have God’s wisdom and understanding as they interact with and mentor the dorm students.
  • Praise God for safety in travel for this long road trip and pray for safety for the final day of driving home today.
  • Praise God for all the money that has been given so generously so that Kirsten can attend BFA. So far, we have received enough to get her to BFA and to pay for 2 1/2 of the 4 quarters of room, board and tuition.
  • Please pray that God would provide the remaining $6500 needed for the other 1 1/2 quarters of room, board and tuition, and for her travel home for Christmas, for breaks and to return home to Croatia at the end of the school year.
Right before Kirsten started classes and we left to drive home to Croatia
Kirsten standing when they read “Croatia” as country of ministry during the role of nations. About 40 countries are represented at BFA.
Picnic lunch on the grounds at BFA during parent/student orientation day
Daniel made a switch for her solar panel wall lights
Kirsten’s room (with little sister posing)
Kirsten’s dorm parents and RAs
Kirsten with her 2 RAs
The scenery was beautiful as we drove through Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland in our round trip taking Kirsten to BFA
Daniel & Ariela were real troupers, and did a great job with 5 days of driving, even being patient in this traffic jam

2 thoughts on “Kirsten in Germany, at Black Forest Academy

  1. So excited for Kirsten! Praying that she adjusts well and finds good friends and that her heart will find deep peace and comfort in her relationship with Jesus. Going to boarding school in high school gives students the opportunities to grow in ways that students don’t learn until they are much older. Praying for you and Pam because I know this is incredibly hard for you to watch her grow and sometimes stumble as she navigates her new journey and gains independence from mom and dad, but deepens her reliance on God. We look forward to see how God brings in the rest of the finances for the last term. It’s always an adventure!! Love you guys!

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