“It makes me so happy to read the Gospel in my mother tongue” (The Prices Write, August 2019, part 1)

I (Todd) recently met with Nedeljko (pictured above), and his daughters, Nataša and Renata to check our translation of Luke 1-11 into the Bayash language, and to test it out with listeners from their village. As Nedeljko read it in his heart language, he got goose bumps and was choked up. His face lit up and he told me how reading the Bible in the Bayash (Roma) language touched him, much more deeply than reading it in Croatian (which he normally does). He said a person’s heart is covered with layers that keep him from God. When a Roma hears the Bible in Croatian, it tears away, let’s say, one layer. But when Roma here Roma reading the Bible in Roma, it gets their attention and tears away three or four layers at once!

As their friends sat down to listen, Nedeljko and Renata read passages from Luke to them and I asked them questions to see how well they understood it. We praise God that the people understood the Scriptures in their heart language and were able to correctly answer the questions. This is a huge step forward in the translation to be able to “field test” it, meaning to read it to others and see how well they understood it.

I also met recently with Saša (translator for the Arli language), and Đena and Biljana (translators for the Chergash language) to check the translation of Luke 11 and 12 in the Arli and Chergash languages.

When I posted a sample of Biljana’s translation of Luke 1:1-4 in Chergash on Facebook, we received this very encouraging reply:

“Dear sister in Christ. It makes me so happy that I can read the gospel in my mother tongue and that it is understandable. Could I get one copy in the Roma language? May the Lord greatly bless you. May the Lord be praised through your work and that you serve the Lord to the praise of God. God bless you and your family. Amen.”

Visas, Vehicle, VBS and a wedding

Praise God that we received our annual visas for living in Croatia another year.

Praise Him also that, once we got our visas renewed, we were able to renew our car tags and licenses to be able to drive it for another year.

We thank God for the great week of Vacation Bible School at the Baptist Church here in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. It was a joy to have the team from Nashville come and our kids really enjoyed being a part of it (see Daniel pictured above).

We were privileged to be invited to a wedding reception in our local village. Zoki (our Bible translator for Ludari) has a younger brother who got married and we were happy to join in the celebration (pictured above are Zoki’s little boy, and Zoki’s new sister-in-law at the wedding reception).

Summer team

Yesterday we went to the airport and picked up a team from the States (KS, MO and NE) who will be putting on Bible clubs for the children in the village near Sisak, Croatia, followed by a teen/tween camp in a different town, Orahovica, Croatia.

Then at the end of August we will be driving to Germany as a family to take Kirsten to Black Forest Academy to begin her sophomore year of high school. Please pray for the remaining $10,000 still needed for her schooling including travels to and from Germany. If you would like to contribute toward that, funds can be sent directly to us for these expenses. Thank you!

As always, thank you so much for your encouragement, financial support and prayers. We are grateful for your partnership in the Gospel!

Todd & Pamala Price

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