Matthew’s amputation surgery over

Thank you to all who have been faithfully praying for Matthew. His surgery went well. There were no complications or excess blood loss; he did not need a transfusion. The surgeons performed an elbow disarticulation amputation. That means that they separated and removed the forearm from the upper arm at the elbow joint. In otherContinue reading “Matthew’s amputation surgery over”

Matthew’s amputation surgery at noon PST

In a few minutes, Matthew will be taken down to prepare for surgery, which is scheduled in an hour for noon PST. They will be amputating part of his left arm, but they will not know how much of the arm until they begin the operation and find out the condition of the dead tissue.Continue reading “Matthew’s amputation surgery at noon PST”

Amputation scheduled for Friday noon

Matthew and I met with the head doctor this morning. Unfortunately, due to muscle and tissue death in Matthew’s forearm, they will not be able to save his hand and most of his forearm. He is scheduled to have surgery for amputation on Friday, sometime around noon or 1 pm California time at UCSF. TheContinue reading “Amputation scheduled for Friday noon”

Prayer requests for Matthew; pray for wisdom for his doctors

Last night I moved into the church cottage in downtown San Francisco which is two miles from Matthew’s hospital, and today I returned the rental car to the airport. I have begun filling out paperwork for the insurance claim for when I backed the rental car into a concrete support at the parking garage. ItContinue reading “Prayer requests for Matthew; pray for wisdom for his doctors”

Waiting for next step for Matthew’s hand and arm

I didn’t write an update yesterday, since I was Sabbath-ing, taking the day away, while Jonathan spent the day with Matthew. Today, Matthew’s pain has been low for the most part, usually 2/10 or 3/10, for which we are thankful. The new medications are working very well. Occupational therapy has been doing a lot ofContinue reading “Waiting for next step for Matthew’s hand and arm”

Uneventful day for Matthew

Today was, thankfully, a pretty uneventful day for Matthew. His pain was low most of the day. It seems like the new medication is working quite well. Tomorrow, the occupational therapists will work with him to exercise his elbow and shoulder on his damaged arm to keep the joints mobile. Jonathan will be hanging outContinue reading “Uneventful day for Matthew”

Pray for Matthew’s doctors

Matthew’s pain was lower last night but has been very high today. They are starting him on a different medication and adding a long-lasting pain patch. The doctors came by this morning and spoke with Matthew. They told him that some more muscle tissue might also have died, but on the other side of hisContinue reading “Pray for Matthew’s doctors”

Matthew’s surgery; discouraging news

Today’s surgery for Matthew brought us some bad news. They went in to debride (remove) dead muscle, which had caused his skin graft to fail on part of his forearm, but they found much more dead tissue than they had expected. No skin graft can be done there until there is healthy muscle underneath, andContinue reading “Matthew’s surgery; discouraging news”

Saying goodbye for a couple of months

Last night, Pam, Daniel, and Ariela said their goodbyes to Matthew and me for a couple of months. Today, I drove them to the San Francisco airport, and as I write, they are about halfway through their 10 1/2 hour flight to Amsterdam, where they will then take their next flight to Zagreb. Our missionaryContinue reading “Saying goodbye for a couple of months”

Continue to pray for Matthew’s arm and hand nerve pain

Matthew was able to take a walk outside today, for the first time in a month. It was a month ago today that he had his motorcycle accident. Today I happened to look at pictures from back then, and it made me thankful for how far Matthew has come. Thank you all for praying forContinue reading “Continue to pray for Matthew’s arm and hand nerve pain”