Uneventful day for Matthew

Today was, thankfully, a pretty uneventful day for Matthew. His pain was low most of the day. It seems like the new medication is working quite well.

Tomorrow, the occupational therapists will work with him to exercise his elbow and shoulder on his damaged arm to keep the joints mobile. Jonathan will be hanging out with Matthew while I take some rest time.

Pam, Ariela, and Daniel will drive from our house in Croatia to the SHARE Family Educational Conference in Siofok, Hungary, tomorrow, and Kirsten will fly in from Germany. Please pray for safe travels, for no problems with our car and with crossing the border, and for Kirsten flying alone. People have offered to meet her at the airport and drive her to the conference, which is a huge blessing, since it is the other direction from where Pam is coming.

Please also pray that the conference will be a very encouraging time for Pam, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela, special time with friends, good Bible teaching and educational classes, edifying worship in English and blessed interactions with friends.

Thank you for your prayers,

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