Prayer requests for Matthew; pray for wisdom for his doctors

Last night I moved into the church cottage in downtown San Francisco which is two miles from Matthew’s hospital, and today I returned the rental car to the airport. I have begun filling out paperwork for the insurance claim for when I backed the rental car into a concrete support at the parking garage. It should be covered by my credit card. 1) Please pray it will be fully covered and will require minimal time to sort it all out.

Speaking of insurance, the medical charges are being processed by our health insurance, and there are several medical claims that have been denied or that they are saying require additional information. The entire medical system and insurance issue is a very confusing labyrinth. 2) Please pray that they will cover the maximum amount and again, that the time required to sort it all out will be minimal.

And … speaking of insurance, 3) please pray for Matthew’s car insurance to cover the maximum amount possible as well. And 4) pray as we investigate some life insurance claims that have dismemberment and disability provision. For all the medical bills and insurance issues, 5) please pray that the maximum amount of costs would be covered and that again, the time taken to sort out all the paperwork would be minimal.

Most of the day, Matthew’s pain was low, around 3/10, but this evening went up to 7/10. It has been an uneventful day as we wait until tomorrow. I will spend the night with Matthew in his hospital room so that when the head doctor comes in the morning, I will not miss it. One of the significant challenges is catching the doctors, or rather, making sure we are in the room when they pop in since we never know when they will come, and they usually only stay for a few minutes. They can come at any time between 5:30 am to 5 pm, so it isn’t very easy to plan.

6) Please pray for much wisdom for the head doctor and medical team as they decide the next step. Because of the muscle death in Matthew’s forearm, it may be necessary for Matthew to have an amputation. If so, much wisdom is need where on the arm, and when. This evening Matthew and I spent an hour on the phone with a dear friend who is a prosthetist, as he fielded many questions we have about amputation and prostheses.

7) Please continue to pray for Pam, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela at the SHARE Family Education Conference in Hungary, for a wonderful time with friends, and enjoyable learning. 8) And finally, please pray for me and our translation consultant and field coordinator for wisdom as we plan the next steps moving forward on the 5 Roma Bible translations.

We appreciate your love, support, and prayers.


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