Matthew’s follow up pain appointment; prayer requests

Matthew & Todd at lunch after Matthew’s appointment in San Francisco

Thank you for your prayers for Matthew and us. Today Matthew had his first follow-up appointment after being discharged from the hospital. The appointment was to evaluate how his pain has been since he left the hospital and to see what adjustments need to be made to his medications.

We are thankful that Matthew’s pain has been lower for the most part, though with occasional spikes. The doctor told us which pain medications he can scale back on as well as a few approaches to help manage the pain aside from medication. This was a good meeting and helpful for us as we move forward. It also was an opportunity to make arrangements for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling.

Please pray as we are all grieving in many ways. The loss of his arm is a very traumatic event that is changing so much for him and for our family. We would ask you to pray for Matthew and all of us in the family to healthily grieve and adjust to all the transitions which have come or are coming.

We’ve also gotten estimates on what it would take to repair his car, which was totaled and found out that the cost (well over $4k) is far more than the car is worth. This means he will need to salvage the vehicle in California and get another one in Kansas City. It also means we will not have it as a means of transporting his things from Oakland back to KC.

Ariela playing “first class flights”
Daniel with the trebuchet he made by hand

Pamala is diligently packing up the things in our rental home in Croatia to take back to the States for our home assignment and medical leave. Ariela and Daniel have been troopers with all the changes, and we’re glad they have been able to keep attending Taekwando (Daniel) and ballet (Ariela), as well as having friends over to play.

L-R: Pamala, Ariela (8), Gordana, Zoki, Vedran (6)

One of our translators, Zoki, and his wife, Gordana, who just had a baby girl, came over to visit Pam at our house. They had a great visit, and we are so encouraged by the kindness, generosity, and love shown by this family who has so little of this world’s wealth. Pray for Zoki and each of the translators as they continue translating God’s Word in five Roma languages.

Here are the praises and prayer requests:

  1. Praise that Matthew’s pain has been lower after being discharged from the hospital.
  2. Pray that he can reduce some of his dosages, yet keep the pain lower.
  3. Pray as he and we grieve many losses in his life and changes in our lives.
  4. Pray for his amputation wound to heal well and for a good follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Friday.
  5. Pray they will begin nerve testing soon, get clear and accurate results, know the best surgery option, and get the surgery scheduled very soon for nerve transfer.
  6. Pray as we get a second opinion for a different kind of nerve treatment (reimplantation), which is much more complex and has potential risks. Pray as we gather more information for God to open or close doors for that surgery option.
  7. Pray Matthew can salvage his car quickly and receive reasonable payment for the vehicle.
  8. Please pray for healing also of the pinched nerves in his other shoulder, of the chyle leak near his neck, and the broken vertebra in his neck. Pray that these would not require surgery.
  9. Pray for swelling to go down and for the muscle to remain healthy in his upper left arm.
  10. Pray for progress in making appointments for a prosthesis.
  11. Pray for a place for the six of us to live in KC for the next 12-24 months (3-4 bedroom, near Blue Springs, MO).
  12. Pray that the coronavirus scare would not cancel flights and prevent Pamala and the kids from flying from Croatia back to the States. Yesterday, we paid $1,100 to get our tickets changed from our original July date to April 3, from Croatia to Kansas City.

Thank you for praying!


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4 thoughts on “Matthew’s follow up pain appointment; prayer requests

  1. Praying for Matthew, for healing & strength, for the Lord’s direction of the next step in medical treatment to be obvious, for a new car. Praying for the family’s transition to the states to be smooth.
    Especially for traveling mercies. Please, tell Arelia hello for both Steve & me. May the Lord continue to bless you & keep all of you safe.

  2. Dear Todd, Matthew and family,
    I am glad that Matthew could get a break from the hospital. I did see that you had got the flights changed for the family in Europe just hours before President Trump announced a travel ban between EU countries and the USA. I will pray for courage and faith for you as you have faced many challenges in the last few months. And I will pray for the details of flights to work out with minimal extra cost to you.
    Georganne Thomas, member of Metropolitan Bible Church.

  3. As I looked at some postings on Facebook, apparently the freeze on people coming into the USA from Europe does not apply to U. S. Citizens. As I understand it, US citizens can fly in but might have to go into quarantine for 14 days, possibly at a military base. Frankly, I am not sure the official plan is well thought out or well communicated. So I guess that I can pray for clarification for your family as well as safety.

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