Update on Matthew in San Francisco & Pam and the kids in Slavonski Brod, Croatia

The pictures are of Pamala, Daniel and Ariela with dear Croatian friends who came over for a meal, and of Ariela playing stewardess and writing out the luggage tag for their upcoming trip back to the States.

Thank you all for praying for us. Matthew’s pain level has been better, but can still be high at times. Thankfully, though, he is able to manage it with oral medication and rest, and we have not needed to go to the emergency room. On Wednesday (3/11), he will meet with the pain management team from UCSF Parnassus for a follow-up.

We were able to get some tank tops at Target, which are easier to put on because of his bandaged arm and a zip-up hoodie, which is easier for him to put on by himself one-handed.

We went by the DMV to do the next step for his California driver’s license since he was in process for that before the accident. He needs this for California State Disability Insurance. He was able to sign up for that and get a reference number that we can use at his doctor’s appointments.

We are working with our travel agent, and it looks like we will be able to change our airline tickets so that Pamala and the kids can come back to the States on April 3. Kirsten will be able to join them on the trip so she can be with the family during her Spring Break from BFA.

A friend of a friend is a mechanic locally here in Walnut Creek, CA, and he’s agreed to take a look at Matthew’s car and help us find glass repair and body shops so we can get estimates.

Several people are looking into possible places for us to live in KC. I spoke today with a church that has a mission house, and they are checking into its availability, though it appears that it will be booked up and not available to us.

So our praises and requests are:

  1. Praise that Matthew’s pain is better than it was, but please pray for it to be much lower. Pray for his pain management appointment on 3/11.
  2. Praise that Matthew could get signed up for California State Disability Insurance. 
  3. Pray for the process of getting Matthew’s car evaluated and wisdom whether or not to repair it and take it to KC.
  4. Pray for healing for the amputation wound, that the drainage would clear up, and incisions heal without infection.
  5. Pray for the swelling of his left arm and shoulder to go down, and also for the chyle leak near his neck to heal.
  6. Pray for the broken vertebra to heal on its own without needing spinal surgery. 
  7. Pray for housing for us in KC. We would prefer that it be near Blue Springs, MO (or Independence, Raytown, Lee’s Summit or Grain Valley), have four rooms we could use as bedrooms, space for Todd to have office space, two bathrooms, and space to park two vehicles. Unfortunately, we have very little we can afford for rent in the US since we still need to keep paying for the house we are renting in Croatia.
  8. Pray as we contact a prosthetics company, a prosthesis clinic, and also as we look into second opinions on nerve reimplantation for Matthew for God’s wisdom and open doors for the best treatment.

Thanks for praying for us,


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