Pray requests for Matthew including pain management & hospital discharge

Thank you for your continued prayers for Matthew and us. He is scheduled to be discharged from UCSF Medical Center on Tuesday. However, that can only happen if his pain can be managed at that time as an outpatient, without an IV, and assuming that his amputation wound heals. Please pray for both of those things. His pain at times is awful even though he is still on IV medication, and they just now (7 pm PST) decreased the IV medication since he needs to get off that high powered medicine. Please pray that his pain will drop significantly and stay low. Please also pray for full healing of the amputation site.

Today is Elizabeth’s 25th birthday! We celebrate our dear daughter, and thank God for her. Tomorrow is Pamala’s birthday, and how grateful I am for such a wonderful wife and amazing mother of our children! She will be celebrating with friends in Croatia tomorrow.

I am still staying at Dolores Park Church’s cottage in downtown San Francisco and enjoyed worshipping with them again this morning. Jonathan brought Matthew’s car from their apartment in Oakland to the cottage in SF so that Matthew and I can use it to move out to Walnut Creek when he is discharged.

To sum up our prayer requests:

  1. Matthew’s pain to reduce significantly and that he will be discharged Tuesday
  2. Complete healing of the amputation site with no infection or complications
  3. The swelling in his arm and shoulder to decrease significantly. It is still quite swollen. (Today is day 44 in the hospital.)
  4. Grace and comfort as Matthew adjusts to life as an amputee.
  5. The insurances to cover all the medical expenses. The hospitals to give financial aid of some sort.
  6. The best possible nerve treatment, that it could begin March 13, and that the doctors would have much wisdom whether to attempt nerve reimplantation, or whether to do a nerve transfer from another part of his body (rib, back or leg) and the specific decisions about how to do that.
  7. Wisdom in what to do about Matthew’s car, which was totalled on New Year’s Eve when he was rear ended, but is still drivable. After that car accident, it was shot up in several places, including having the back windshield and two windows shot out, and damage to the body as well. Their neighborhood in Oakland is not the safest! Matthew needs wisdom and the right solution, whether to sell it or take it to KC.
  8. Pray for the best way to get his belongings from Oakland to KC when the time comes, or whether some things should be sold here in California.
  9. Matthew has obviously missed school and work since his accident six weeks ago. Pray for the best outcome for his schooling since he has paid for it, and he was in the middle of the course (UX, i.e., web and app user experience). 
  10. When the time comes, pray he can continue schooling and find another job. 
  11. Pray for Matthew to be strong spiritually, to feed himself on the Scriptures, and to learn more and more about the Lord, His ways and His Word. Praise God for the tender heart God has given Matthew.
  12. Pray for Pam, Daniel, and Ariela as they pack up in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, to come back to KC to start our home assignment early.
  13. Pray for wisdom which date Pam and the kids should come back to KC since we need to change the dates for the tickets we bought from Croatia. We are thinking that early April is perhaps the best time for them to come back to KC.
  14. Pray for the best solution for where Kirsten will spend her Spring Break the first couple weeks of April when the BFA dorms are closed.
  15. Pray for someone to be able to live in our rented house in Croatia, to help pay for part of the rent we will still have to pay there, and to take care of our two cats.
  16. Pray for wisdom what to do with our car in Croatia for the time being.
  17. Pray for a place in KC (hopefully near Blue Springs, MO) for the six of us to live for the next 12-18 months).
  18. Pray for time and logistics to get payments sent for the Scripture and Bible storybook printing recently done in Serbia, and getting salary payments to some of the translators there. 
  19. Pray Todd can begin checking the Scripture translations again of the draft Bible translations of Luke being done in the five Roma languages.
  20. Pray for wisdom for Todd and colleagues in making needed changes to the workflow and division of labor for the Roma Bible translation work, to keep it moving forward well and at a good pace the next months.

Thank you for your prayers and love for us!


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