Matthew’s amputation surgery at noon PST

In a few minutes, Matthew will be taken down to prepare for surgery, which is scheduled in an hour for noon PST. They will be amputating part of his left arm, but they will not know how much of the arm until they begin the operation and find out the condition of the dead tissue. The best-case scenario would be to amputate below the elbow, keeping some of the forearm. If that is not possible, they will either remove the forearm at the elbow joint or else amputate partway up the upper arm (humerus). 

Would you please pray for the following?

  1. Safety for Matthew in surgery (this is his 10th surgery since the accident), that he would have no problems with the anesthesia, no need for a blood transfusion and no infection afterwards.
  2. Much, much wisdom for the surgeons as they will have to make a decision on the spot where to amputate, which has major repercussions for Matthew and will affect the type of prosthesis he will get.
  3. Grace, mercy, comfort, and peace for Matthew when he is wheeled into surgery and then as he wakes up later without part of his arm.
  4. Healing for the amputation wound without infection, damage, or any other complications.
  5. Wisdom for the medical team when he should be discharged from the hospital after the surgery.
  6. For pain management. Matthew’s pain can still get very high, but once he is discharged the pain must all be managed as an outpatient and without IV medications.
  7. God’s provision of the very best prosthetic options, by which we mean the correct clinic and prosthetist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist. Wisdom for when to begin this, whether that be in San Francisco or Kansas City.
  8. Wisdom for the medical team on the best nerve repair treatment and that Matthew would regain use of his shoulder and bicep, and even his tricep and elbow.
  9. Emotional, mental and spiritual strength for Matthew in dealing with this massive change in his life.
  10. For us as Matthew’s family to know the best way to help Matthew in his rehab and recovery and moving forward with life, for the glory of God.


P.S. Timothy and Elizabeth just now called Matthew to pray with him, and Elizabeth read to him this very timely verse: “So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.” (Jesus, John 16:22)

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