Matthew’s surgery went very well!

Thank you for praying and thank the Lord for answering these prayers! Matthew’s surgery went very well. The surgeon was able to make the nerve transfers she wanted to, from his spinal accessory nerves and his intercostal (rib) nerves to his trapezius and deltoid. He now has four incisions, including a longer one from his left lower leg where they took a donor nerve to span the gaps where the other nerves were not able to reach.

Matthew’s pain is low now and he is in great spirits. Walking will be difficult while the leg incision heals and at the moment he is on a liquid-only diet, but hopefully he can have a normal supper since he has had to fast since midnight due to surgery.

There is some infection on his arm stump so please pray that that will quickly heal. Pray also he can be discharged soon and we can get back to family in Kansas City.

Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement. We feel very loved and supported.


Todd for the whole Price clan


  1. Kris and Evelyn Meijer says:

    Praise the Lord. He is good and cares for each of us.
    When I awoke during the night, (Melbourne time), Matthew was in my mind and I brought him to the Father.
    How amazing is that surgery! Also amazing that you think he will not have to stay in hospital very long. God bless Matthew and help him to heal quickly.
    Love and continued prayers from Kris and Evelyn


  2. Sarah Sams Uyeshima says:

    Wonderful news! Continuing to pray.


  3. Melva McIntosh says:

    I prayed for him, so thankful to God for the good results,
    Melva McIntosh


  4. Jennie Fowler says:

    We serve an maxing powerful and loving God. Adore him!

    I confess worry and trying to help vs rely on God. Convicted, I see where I am falling short.

    Thankful for a successful surgery and AWARENESS of infection so we may pray! Thanks be to God for x y z.

    Lord we ask that you supply every need for this man and his parents as You Are Able. We specifically ask blessings as a Supplication.

    The pattern of ACTS is a handy way to pray in Adoration with Confession while Thankful stating our Supplications. We humbly request God’s will be done for our needs and desires.


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