Matthew to have nerve transfer surgery; van need met!

Thank you for praying. God has graciously answered prayer for our vehicle needs. Through three very generous donors, we received funds to buy a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan with only 13,000 miles and a seven-year full-coverage warranty. We are so grateful for your prayers and God’s provision.

Matthew will have nerve transfer surgery the week of July 6 at UCSF. He and Todd will fly out to San Francisco in time for an exam by the surgeon, followed by surgery and recovery. We don’t know precisely how long the process will take, but we plan to be in San Francisco for a week or two. We have been researching and praying about this surgery since the accident (which occurred January 18), and Matthew’s six-month window in which surgery should be performed closes July 18.

It is a big answer to prayer that the surgeon has agreed to do the procedure during this time window. Thank you for praying for all the research and medical tests leading to this point. Please pray for a successful surgery, and that the results of having the intercostal (rib) nerves and spinal accessory nerve transferred will be that Matthew will be able to lift his shoulder and upper arm after the year or two needed for the nerves to grow

Please continue to pray for us as we unpack from the move and set up the house we are renting in Independence (KC), Missouri. Please continue to pray for strength, grace, and efficient progress in unpacking and setting up the house.

Please also pray for one of our Roma Bible translators and his wife, one-year-old daughter, and mother-in-law in Croatia. They have come down with symptoms that look like COVID-19. Please pray for their protection and rapid healing.

We are blessed to have you as friends and prayer partners!
Thank you,

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