3 years ago today was Matthew’s accident

Three years ago today is when Matthew (now 24) had his motorcycle accident. We praise God for sparing his life and giving him and us grace to endure 46 days in the hospital and 12 surgeries. We are grateful for how far he has come! He is living in Decatur, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta), renting a house with an MK friend from his childhood in Bosnia, working in his chosen field (as an app and web page user experience designer, for Equifax), able to drive, travel and even practice jujitsu.

The nerve transfer surgeries he had two and a half years ago seem to have been successful! When he was with us in Kansas City over Christmas break, he visited our local chiropractor who was ecstatic to see Matthew’s progress and that now he can lift and roll his left shoulder to some degree. This is the side that was paralyzed from the accident.

In this picture you can see that he has his prosthetic for which we are grateful. It is still a bit cumbersome and unwieldy to use, so please pray for him to learn to use it better, and to eventually get an improved prosthetic with more electronic features to enable him to lift the arm, bend the elbow, have a more pressure-sensitive hook, and eventually a hand in place of the hook. Thank you for your prayers!

We also enjoyed having Jonathan (30) visit us for Christmas and New Year’s. He recently bought a house and moved to Crescent City, California, near the Oregon border. He now has his dream job of working for Khan Academy as a software engineer.

We enjoyed having all the kids here for Christmas, during which time we also went for our annual ice skating adventure (pictured below). And we had a full table for meals, just like old times.

Bible translation work is going very well. The Roma translators recently finished the second half of a course on Bible translation principles, for which I graded their assignments. They are all learning so much and are improving in their translation abilities. Currently we are working on Mark chapters 1-4 together. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!



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