Roma Bible translation (set to “Prodigal’s Hymn” by Mark Beazley)

In the video, you will see pictures of many of the Roma, and of the children’s Bible club for Roma. The words and music were written by my friend, Mark Beazley. The song is called “Prodigal’s Hymn” and I want to point out some of the lyrics that you will hear. “I will glory inContinue reading “Roma Bible translation (set to “Prodigal’s Hymn” by Mark Beazley)”

Our whirlwind August; our updated speaking itinerary (The Prices Write, September 2017)

Click here to read about our whirlwind August, to see our updated speaking itinerary, and to see our daily prayer calendar (The Prices Write, September 2017): Price prayer letter 09-17

Working with our Roma Bible translators

Thank you for praying for our recent trip to work with the Roma Bible translators. In this picture we are looking over some keywords in the translation of the Gospels into Bayash. Here we are discussing a passage we are translating into Gurbet. We are excited about the publication of our Gurbet-Serbian-English picture dictionary. EnjoyingContinue reading “Working with our Roma Bible translators”

Sisak team for children’s Bible club

Thank you to the fantastic team from Master’s Community Church for a great week of outreach in the Roma village. Thank you to the Pioneers Sava Team for all the preparation and for leading the outreach. Thank you to Betel Baptist Church for hosting us. Thank you to our supporters who faithfully pray and give.Continue reading “Sisak team for children’s Bible club”