Turkey hunting in Budapest

Grocery stores here in Budapest don’t carry whole turkeys, so we did some research and found out where we could get one, and the kids and I went and ordered one a few days ago. So this morning, Thanksgiving morning, I set out on my quest to bag the turkey. It was 3 degrees celsiusContinue reading “Turkey hunting in Budapest”

Christmas shoeboxes for Roma children (part 1)

We headed to the store to buy gifts to fill 5 Christmas shoesboxes for Roma (Gypsy) children. A family in our church here in Budapest is organizing an outreach to give Christmas shoeboxes to 500 Roma children in north-central Hungary.

Prayer requests & giving opportunity for Oct. 15, 2014

1. We have a very exciting possibility. A dear friend of ours might be able to move over here to Budapest, Hungary, to work with us in the ministry. It would be a fantastic blessing to us, yet there are a number of obstacles and hoops to jump through before it could eventuate. I’m notContinue reading “Prayer requests & giving opportunity for Oct. 15, 2014”

Timothy’s Budapest visit (part 1)

It was great to have Timothy visit us in Budapest this summer. He was able to stay with us 2 1/2 weeks and we sure enjoyed having him. You know how you never visit the tourist sites in your own town? Well, we hadn’t really visited the touristy places in Budapest, so we took theContinue reading “Timothy’s Budapest visit (part 1)”

for such a time as this: pray for next week’s Roma missions conference

Next week here in Budapest there will be a very significant conference. It is the first conference of its kind to bring together 200 leaders involved in ministry to Roma. I just found out that I have been asked to speak at one of the main sessions. Please pray for me as I prepare andContinue reading “for such a time as this: pray for next week’s Roma missions conference”