Prayer requests & giving opportunity for Oct. 15, 2014

1. We have a very exciting possibility. A dear friend of ours might be able to move over here to Budapest, Hungary, to work with us in the ministry. It would be a fantastic blessing to us, yet there are a number of obstacles and hoops to jump through before it could eventuate. I’m not at liberty to give more details yet, but I ask you to please pray for the Lord’s will to put this person in just the right ministry at just the right time, and if it be His will, that it be with Roma Bible Society work with us.
2. We plan to be in the States for our home assignment from late May 2015 until early January 2016. We will need a place to live in Kansas City during this time. Unfortunately, the two church missionary homes we have lived in in the past are not available and the missionary house of a third church we have asked is already booked for that time. Please pray for a place for us to live (Todd, Pamala, Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela) during this time, as close as possible to Blue Springs, MO, where our home church is. If you have any leads or ideas, we’d love to hear from you about them.
3. Here are some exciting giving opportunities: Our ministry use of our cell phones ($50/month), ministry travel using our car (gas, oil, maintenance, insurance, tolls, parking $340/month). This travel includes things like going to meetings here in Budapest, transporting ministry guests who come to Budapest, as well as working on Roma Bible translation in southern Hungary and western Croatia. (For online giving, go to

Thank you for praying,

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