Watch our newest video compilation

We made this video for our home church, CrossWay Bible Church, in Blue Springs, MO, to give an overview of the ministry of Roma (Gypsy) Bible translation in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. It is made from a conglomeration of several other of our videos. Special thanks to Joshua Hill, Joy Hill, Bob Hitching, Nancy Hitching,Continue reading “Watch our newest video compilation”

It doesn’t take much

It doesn’t take much. Hand them a bagful of groceries from your pantry. Smile. Ask how the baby is doing. Give a greeting in their Roma dialect. Her brown eyes are soft as she breaks into a shy smile. Her young skeptical face, now beams. A handshake and a greeting. They walk away down theContinue reading “It doesn’t take much”

Update on prayer request for Joy Hill

Yesterday’s daily prayer calendar request was for financial support for our teammate, Joy Hill, so she can join us on the field here in Budapest. She is at 28% of her financial support and is aiming to be here next month in March or perhaps April. As you can see, there is still a greatContinue reading “Update on prayer request for Joy Hill”

Her face lit up as I read from the Christmas story in Lovari, her Roma dialect.

Read the most recent edition of “The Prices Write” and see the 1 minute video here: