Turkey hunting in Budapest

Grocery stores here in Budapest don’t carry whole turkeys, so we did some research and found out where we could get one, and the kids and I went and ordered one a few days ago. So this morning, Thanksgiving morning, I set out on my quest to bag the turkey. It was 3 degrees celsius (37 F) and I was armed with a Hungarian-English app on my phone and 30 bucks. The butcher was kind and the turkey had made it on time. He handed over the ‘tom’ and said “Good eating!” It is interesting that we don’t really have a phrase in English to express the desire that someone enjoy their food. The French have their “bon appétit”, the German their “Guten Appetit”, the Hungarian their “jó étvágyat“, the Croats “dobar tek” and the Bosnians “prijatno!” We are grateful we can get turkey here and and thankful we can enjoy this holiday. Thanksgiving has in many ways seemed like the best holiday to me. Our focus is not on what gifts we are getting, but on simply giving thanks to our Provider, to whom all praise and thanks are due. So as you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day, I wish you “Good eating!” and encourage you to give thanks to our heavenly Father. He is certainly worthy of thanks!

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    karen608 says:

    If we had only what we were thankful to God for, what would we have!?
    Interesting chasing down the turkey story.

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