Day 2: Bible carnival in Sisak

Thank you for praying for Day 2 of the Bible carnival in Sisak.

For today’s club, held in the open field in the village beginning around 6 pm, we sang Bible songs, performed a skit about the parable of the unforgiving servant (from Matthew 18) and helped the kids make a craft and color an activity page on the theme of forgiveness.

Of all the possible Biblical themes that could have been chosen, forgiveness is perhaps one of the most important. My observation of Roma culture in this part of the world is that forgiveness is normally misunderstand and rarely practiced. Pray for the Spirit of God to give us and the Roma grace to forgive 70 x 7 and to live the kind of gracious and forgiving life that our Father in heaven demonstrates to us.

Pray for God’s Spirit to move and bring worshippers to Himself in Sisak.


Praise God for the 100 people  who came. Pray that the seed of the Word would find good soil and grow.



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