Her face lit up as I read from the Christmas story in Lovari, her Roma dialect.

Read the most recent edition of “The Prices Write” and see the 1 minute video here: http://app.getresponse.com/archive/tlprice/Read-another-page-she-asked-Christmas-shoe-boxes-part-2-Year-end-giving-233855002.html?e&u=YSUt

Christmas eve visit to Roma family in our neighborhood

Since the first day we arrived in Budapest, there has been a family that has come to our door regularly to beg. Though we are very glad to give to them, it has always been difficult to communicate with them. Little by little I have been learning some Hungarian and little by little getting toContinue reading “Christmas eve visit to Roma family in our neighborhood”

Kirsten’s Christmas Poem

THE NEW KING Stars are shining far away, baby Jesus on the hay, Wisemen coming from Eastern lands, shepherds watching their sheep and lambs, When what to the drooping eyes did appear but a host of angels who sang in good cheer! “Christ Jesus the king has been born this night so go see himContinue reading “Kirsten’s Christmas Poem”

Food packets for Christmas

We’re so thankful for a family in our church who is organizing a great outreach to poor Roma children and families in NE Hungary. By God’s grace we were able to help buy food packages for over 30 families. Each packet had the following contents: (By the way, 1 kg [kilogram] is 2.2 lbs., 1Continue reading “Food packets for Christmas”