Update on prayer request for Joy Hill

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Yesterday’s daily prayer calendar request was for financial support for our teammate, Joy Hill, so she can join us on the field here in Budapest. She is at 28% of her financial support and is aiming to be here next month in March or perhaps April. As you can see, there is still a great deal of support needed! Having her arrive in March would make it easier for her to get her next visa since her former one is good until that time. Also, it is important that she be here before we leave for our furlough in June so that we have time to overlap and work together in the same location awhile before we go our separate ways again. Being together in the same office will be wonderful as she will be my secretary/personal assistant and does so many things for me to make our Bible translation ministry efficient.

Having said that, even when we are apart, such as now when she is in Australia and we are in Hungary, she is still a valuable part of the team and does so much for the ministry. For example, as you can see in the picture, even in Australia as she raises support, she is supporting the Bible translation work. One of the tasks is to take texts of Bible translations which we use as a reference when translating and formatting them so they work in the software programs we use. This greatly speeds up the process of making comparisons, editing, etc. She’s doing these even now in Australia.

Please pray for Joy that the Lord will speed her on her way to join us.

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