“Roma Decade of the Book”–Apatin, Serbia

Our “Roma Decade of the Book” tour started in Apatin, Serbia. This is a very large Roma neighborhood with 4000-5000 Roma, mostly speaking Bayash.

The church was (60+ people) full for the 8 p.m. program. Our team did a great job acting out a powerful story about a crippled Roma girl (told also in the comic book “Milena’s Bible” which Roma Bible Union has produced in several languages). There was a good time of worship, I spoke briefly and explained the ministry of Roma Bible Union and how we want to help the Roma church. Our Roma brother preached on the value that each Roma believer in Christ has, regardless of their financial or social position. And we showed a powerful video about our Roma sister who wrote a book that was just published for Roma, by Roma Bible Union.

Please continue to pray for this trip:

  1. For finances to complete the trip, which is very expensive since we have 13 people traveling in 3 vehicles and distributing over 10,000 books.
  2. For more and more Roma families and individuals to catch a vision for reading the Bible and other good Christian books.
  3. For more and more Roma to catch a vision for writing Christian books and magazine articles, and for Roma churches to catch a vision for translating the Bible into their local Roma dialects.

Please pray for safety in travel over 1,000 miles, for good health as we will be in six different cities staying in Roma homes, for patience and kindness with each other, and for strength as I (Todd) am quite tired from a previous summer outreach in Croatia and an English camp in Hungary.

Pray for Pam and the kids (including Jonathan who is visiting from Missouri). Pamala has been sick and quite exhausted as well.

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