July 26 Prayer requests for the Roma Decade of the Book Summer Program

(Written by Nancy Hitching)

  1. Amy has arrived safely. Praise the Lord for that. Pray for her tomorrow as she meets with Bob and begins to prepare the script/storyboard/shot lists for the work which she will be doing during the next month especially preparing a video about the Roma Decade of the Book.

2. Pray for Jeannot and Curtis as they practise the songs which the group will use in worship during the main meeting and the children’s meetings.

3. Pray that all the team will be able to learn the songs in the days leading up to the first meetings. The MP3s have been sent to them and they will be listening and learning from afar.

4. Pray that the group which will meet on the first day of the program, August 1, will be able to have a very good and focused time of rehearsal and practise before the first main meeting.

5. Pray that the musicians will be able to get their instruments into the country. Pray that all music materials and extra items will pass without question at the border.

6. Pray that the music will especially touch the hearts of the people attending the meeting. The theme song has been especially written  by Jeannot for the Roma Decade of the Book. Pray that the words and music of this song will take root in the lives and hearts of the Roma causing them to think of the place of books and reading in their spiritual lives in the future.

7. Pray also that the children will learn the new reading rap that was written for the Decade. Pray that the children’s meetings will be enhanced and enjoyed as they sing.

Bless you all for praying for the summer project. May the Lord grow us all during this time of prayer and service ministry for His glory.


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