July 25 Prayer Requests for the Roma Decade of the Book Summer Project

2008_HR Bayash Roma 044

Prayer for those who will speak:

  1. Pray for Đeno as he prepares the message which he will deliver each time the team presents the main meeting in the villages. He will speak to the people about the spiritual growth which comes from reading and reading God’s Word, “The Gift of Reading”.

Pray for a clear mind and a pure spirit as he speaks.


  1. Pray for Todd as he makes the ‘Pastoral Presentation’ to present the Roma Decade of the Book program in private pastoral meetings upon arriving in each village. Pray that he will be received well, and that he may assist each pastor (and his pastoral staff) to better understand the message and purpose of the visit and of the Roma Decade of the Book.


  1. Pray for Julianna as she also attends and speaks in this ‘Pastoral Presentation’ meeting. Pray that she may share and explain the gift pack of books to the pastors which they receive to review before the members of their church receive it at the main meeting later that day.


  1. Pray again for Todd who will deliver a message in the main meeting about Bible translation. Pray that some members from the churches will be moved by the Spirit and Todd’s talk to become a part of a Bible translation team some day.


  1. Pray for Nina who will speak each day as she leads the team through the entire 12 day project, as she coordinates all movements, as she emcees the main meeting and children’s meetings, and as she narrates the dramas which have been put together to create interest in the reading the comic and one of the novels which the church families will receive. Pray for her strength and stamina in speaking and leading through the entire tour.


  1. Pray for Andreana and Saša and the other youth who are acting out the dramas in both the children’s programs and the main meetings. Pray for them to creatively display and generate interest in the reading of each book which those dramas depict.


  1. Pray for those who do not speak Serbian, Curtis and Amy (musician and videographer), to be able to receive the assistance they need in translation to be able to both do their part in the program and engage in a spiritually meaningful way (both for them and those which they will encounter). Pray that they will experience joy in the midst of working within a foreign language the entire time as the main language being used is not going to be English.



Thank you for your prayers for the speakers in the Roma Decade of the Book Summer Project.

(written by Nancy Hitching)


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